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Recent Faculty Research Awards

Wes Lloyd (PI), School of Engineering and Technology
Improving Software Deployments to Serverless Computing Environments
National Science Foundation (NSF)

Congratulations to Dr. Lloyd who was awarded a 2-year grant from the NSF Directorate for Computer and Information Science and Engineering (CISE) through the “Research Initiation Initiative,” a program that supports early career computer science investigators in establishing their independent research programs. Dr. Lloyd will use this funding to develop the “Serverless Application Analytics Framework” (SAAF), which will provide measurement support for serverless software deployments enabling new insights and data driven analytics that can be used by practitioners to evaluate tradeoffs between alternate architectures and service compositions.
Dr. Lloyd will engage both undergraduate and graduate students at the UW Tacoma through paid research assistantships. His proposal was considered under NSF’s Research at Undergraduate Institutions (RUI) designation, meaning that NSF recognized the value of Dr. Lloyd’s research to undergraduate students, and particularly those from backgrounds underrepresented in STEM fields.

Jim Thatcher (PI), Urban Studies, with Ruth Vanderpool (Senior Personnel; SIAS/ Sciences and Mathematics) and Courtney Thatcher (co-PI; University of Puget Sound)
Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) “Site” Award:
Spatial Models and Electoral Districting
National Science Foundation (NSF)
Congratulations to Dr. Thatcher and his collaborators at UW Tacoma and University of Puget Sound (UPS), who have been awarded UW Tacoma’s first NSF REU Site award. This 3-year award will enable the team to create meaningful summer research experiences for a diverse group of undergraduate students from UW Tacoma, UPS and beyond centered on the socially and politically urgent topic of electoral districting. Students – who will live and be based at the UPS campus through the summer – will engage deeply in interdisciplinary approaches with broad real-world implications spanning geography, computer science, data science, and mathematics. Recruiting, underway now, emphasizes participation among students who are underrepresented in STEM fields in terms of gender and economic and racial identities, as well as those from smaller colleges with limited research opportunities.

Ji-Hyun Ahn, SIAS/Culture, Arts and Communication
A Comparative Study on Anti-Korean Sentiment in Taiwan and Japan
Academy of Korean Studies

 Ander Erickson, SIAS/Sciences and Mathematics
Mathematics on the Internet: Charting a Hidden Curriculum
UW Royalty Research Fund

Laura Feuerborn and Kathy Beaudoin, School of Education
Student Perceptions of Behavior and Discipline in Middle and High Schools
UW Royalty Research Fund

Jim Gawel, SIAS/Sciences and Mathematics and Stanley Joshua, Director of Facilities Services
UWT Sustainable Waste Management
City of Tacoma

Ed Kolodziej, Center for Urban Waters
Improving Environmental Forensics: Resolving and Apportioning Stormwater and Legacy Pollutant Sources with Non-Target High Resolution Mass Spectrometry
UW Royalty Research Fund

Ka Yee Yeung, School of Engineering and Technology
Diversity supplement to “Intelligent deployment of containerized bioinformatics workflows on the cloud”
National Institutes of Health

Weichao Yuwen (Lead Co-I) and Sunny Chieh Cheng (Co-I), Nursing and Healthcare Leadership, with co-Is Teresa Ward (UW Seattle), Dong Si, and Bill Erdley (UW Bothell)
CocoBot – Tailored Self-Management Program for Caregivers of Children with Chronic Conditions
UW Population Health Initiative Pilot Research Grant

Congratulations to Drs. Yuwen, Cheng and their collaborators in Bothell and Seattle who were awarded funds to develop and pilot test the usability and feasibility of “CocoBot,” a theory-based self-management intervention designed to improve caregivers’ well-being and health. CocoBot uses artificial intelligence ‘chatbot’ technology to provide family caregivers of children with chronic asthma and arthritis with on-demand and interactive support and skill development. In recognition of the particularly high need for support of caregivers in underserved communities, CocoBot will be specifically designed for this population through a user-centered design approach. Dr. Yuwen and her collaborators expect to leverage the preliminary results funded through this internal award to increase competitiveness for future NIH funding to support a definitive trial of the intervention.

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