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Collaborative Publicly Engaged Scholarship (CPES) Program

The Office of Research Collaborative Publicly Engaged Scholarship (CPES) Fund provided two rounds of small (up to $5,000) grants intended to support UW Tacoma faculty in developing and sustaining publicly engaged scholarship activities, defined for this purpose as the collaborative co-production and exchange of knowledge through mutually beneficial partnerships with community members and organizations that brings UW Tacoma’s urban serving mission to life.

The CPES program was funded through the UW Tacoma Strategic Initiative Fund (SIF) from 2017-2019 and successfully awarded funding to 13 publicly engaged projects.  A full list of previous awardees is below. We are happy to announce that SIF funds were provided to continue this program in 2020.  This year, in collaboration with the Office of Community Partnerships, the Office of Research will be providing a total of $20,000 to fund 4 new publicly engaged projects.  See the 2020 CPES Request for Proposals for submission requirements and details.  Proposals are due on Wednesday, Feb. 19, 2020 by 5pm.  Questions about the RFP or the program in general can be directed to Lisa Isozaki.


2017-18 CPES Awardees

The Office of Research is grateful to the following 2017-18 Review Committee members for their time and efforts: Dr. Turan Kayaoglu (Chair), Mohamed Ali, Michelle Garner, Linda Ishem, Susan Johnson, Leslie Kinkade, Rebecca Ring, and Rhasean Stephens.

2018-19 CPES Awardees

The Office of Research is grateful to the following 2018-19 Review Committee members for their time and efforts: Dr. Turan Kayaoglu (Chair), Cheryl Greengrove, JaeRan Kim, Altaf Merchant, Ali Modarres, and Shadyar Omrani.

UW Tacoma Publicly Engaged "Alternate RRF" Pilot Fund

In spring 2018, the Office of Research announced an internal “alternate RRF” pilot program – funded by the Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs – in which faculty who submitted unfunded proposals to the UW Royalty Research Fund (RRF) in the 2017-18 (September and March) cycles were eligible to apply for awards of up to $10,000 through a competitive process. The intention of this fund is to invest in the promising and high-quality work of UW Tacoma Principal Investigators that were nonetheless not funded through the RRF.

See the June 2018 Alternate RRF Solicitation for details on this internal fund.

2017-18 Awardees

Barbara Toews, Social Work and Criminal Justice
Understanding Correctional Staff Perceptions of the Work Environment: A Case Study at a Correctional Center for Women

Lauren Feuerborn and Kathleen Beaudoin, School of Education
Student Perceptions of Behavior and Discipline in Middle and High Schools
Michael Kula, SIAS/Culture, Arts and Communication
The Letters and Travels of Kazimierz Nowak: The Trans-Africa Bicycle Expedition of a Polish Journalist During the Interwar Period
Michelle Montgomery, SIAS/Social and Historical Studies
Resilience and Sustainability: Traditional Ecological Roots of Indigenous Studies
Marc Nahmani, SIAS/Sciences and Mathematics
Uncovering Thalamocortical Axonal Structure and Function Relationships for Targeted Stroke Intervention