Husky Volunteer Service Medallion- Order Application and Final Reflection

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FINAL reflection & ORDER FORM

Before applying/ordering your medallion make sure you have logged all of your hours in through the husky volunteer page.   Filling out the application and reflection form should take you about 30 -45 minutes.   Your reflections in this form have no impact on whether you receive or do not receive the award for your service.  Instead, the reflection is required because “Action without reflection leads to burn outReflection without action leads to cynicism.” - Albert Einstein.   As husky volunteers we encourage each other to not just serve our communities but to serve smarter and wiser than when we began.  Please take your time and enjoy looking back on your service work while her at UW Tacoma.  

An appreciation lunch for all Husky Volunteer Award Recipients will be held May 10th @ 12:30 and all awards will be presented at the OSCARS (student award ceremony) on MAY 17th. @7pm.    Friends and family are encourage to attend the OSCARS event.  Ceremonies last approximately 2 hours.  More information can be found here: