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To study math or Spanish at UW Tacoma, you are often required to take a placement test. Placement tests are not "pass/fail" tests; they simply assess your skill level in order to ensure enrollment in the appropriate course.


Math Placement

Math courses are important for students who are planning math-intensive majors, including programs in the natural sciences, engineering, computer science and business administration.  Students needing to enroll in statistics and precalculus often need to take a Math Placement Test.  Math Placement Testing evaluates your current level of math (Arithmetic, Algebra or College Level Math) in order to ensure placement into a learning environment most beneficial to you.  


Spanish Placement and  Proficiency Testing

Spanish courses are important for students who want to major or minor in international business or Hispanic studies as well as students who need to fulfill their foreign language requirement. If you took Spanish in high school and have not yet taken a college-level Spanish course, you will need to take the Spanish Placement Test before enrolling in a Spanish class at UW Tacoma.  The online Spanish Placement Test is provided through the WebCAPE service.

Spanish Proficiency Testing is provided by the Office of Undergraduate Education and is used to meet university world language requirements only.  Students who are native speakers or well versed in the Spanish language may take this test to fulfill their general university graduation requirements for foreign language. 


Makeup Testing

Makeup Testing is for use by faculty who need a quiet testing environment for makeup examinations.  This service is used when the faculty member is unable to provide such a service on their own.  Only faculty members are allowed to request makeup examinations.  If you are a student interested in taking a makeup exam, approach your instructor and have them submit a request.