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Students majoring in Law and Policy or Politics, Philosophy, and Economics (PP&E) pursue a wide range of careers.  Some students, like Mohamed Rashed,  embark on careers in business.  Upon graduating with a major in PP&E in 2012, Mohamed pursued an MBA and is now a banker in Spokane.

Quite a few students build on the political experience provided by our majors and follow careers into politics. For instance, several students work in Olympia as legislative assistants, work in the Governor’s office, are hired by state agencies such as the Department of Revenue or the Department of Health, or work for members of Congress.  A number of students head up election campaigns, such as ones for a County Prosecutor or a State Senator. On occasion, students even make a run for office themselves; Pam Nogueira is currently seeking to become the Pacific County Prosecutor. 

Education is a good option for some students, while others find themselves attracted to international careers such as the foreign service. A number of students win post-graduation awards that take them to Washington D.C., or out of the country to places like China, Mexico, or Slovakia.   

With the writing and critical thinking skills students gain in our majors, coupled with an indepth understanding of social institutions, means that our students graduate ready to enter a wide range of career tracks.


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