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PPPA offers several unique and career-enhancing internship opportunities for our students. Internships combine academic work with practical, real-world experience, and are often a stepping stone to future employment or graduate school opportunities. Interns have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in a variety of settings, such as federal, state, or local government, the legal system, international organizations, non-profit and lobbying organizations, research and advocacy organizations, and more.

An approved internship completed for credit fulfills the PP&E or Law and Policy capstone requirement.

TPOLS 496: Politics, Philosophy, and Public Affairs Internship (5-15 credits)

TPOLS 496 is available to advanced PPPA students during the fall, winter, or spring quarters. Students participate in internships related to government, law, political campaigns, or public policy. All TPOLS 496 internships are graded, and satisfy the capstone requirement for your major.
Visit our blog to read about past PPPA student internships.

View TPOLS 496 in our course catalog here.

TPOLS 497: Political Internship in State Government (5-15 credits)

TPOLS 497, the Washington State Legislative Internship, is a competitive paid internship opportunity offered during winter quarter. This internship program accepts approximately 70 Washington college students every year to work in the state legislature in Olympia, WA. Interested UW Tacoma students apply in October and selections are made in late November. 
Visit the Legislative Internship Program website to learn more, or visit our blog to read about PPPA students' experiences.

View TPOLS 497 in our course catalog here.


Please view the PPPA Capstone Internship Learning Agreement (TPOLS 496 and TPOLS 497) here!

For more general information, including internship FAQs, how to register, and general guidance for students considering an internship, visit the SIAS Internships page.

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