TPOLS 496: Politics, Philosophy, and Public Affairs Internship

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This selective internship is available for senior PP&E and Law and Policy students; students can intern in autumn, winter and spring. Internships are related to public affairs, and are typically in the fields of politics, policy, law, government, research or non-profit advocacy. 

A faculty member will work with you to place you in an appropriate internship where you will enroll in TPOLS 496 and earn between five (5) and 15 credits. The first five credits will meet your major’s capstone requirement.  For internships offering more than five (5) credits, the additional credits can be used to meet other major and elective requirements.  You will work with a faculty and adviser to determine how the credits will be allocated.

Applying for a PPPA Internship (TPOLS 496)

  • First you should be a graduating senior majoring in PP&E or Law and Policy. To indicate your interest, email Professor Katie Baird ( Initiate this contact early in the quarter before you hope to begin an internship. Provide your name, graduation date, quarter you'd like to intern, and the number of credits you'd like to earn. Finally, provide the name of a PPPA faculty member who can serve as a reference for you.
  • Internships are competitive, and we are not able to accommodate all students who wish to undertake one. Shortly after you have indicated your interest in an internship, you should meet with the faculty supervisor to discuss options. We have a range of contacts where we typically place interns; where you will be placed will depend on your interests and what our contacts are looking for that quarter.
  • Once arranged, you enroll in TPOLS 496 for the number of credits agreed upon.The faculty supervisor will provide you with a syllabus outlining the academic components of your internship. All TPOLS 496 internships are graded, and satisfy the capstone requirement for your major.
  • To inquire about an internship, please contact the faculty supervisor Katie Baird (
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