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Graduate Schools

Many careers require a graduate degree; after graduating, a number of our students continue their education, either directly upon graduation, or a year or more later.  At UWT, law school is a common option, and we provide extensive support for students interested in law school. Our Law in Action blog catalogs the extra curricular opportunities we provide for students headed to law school. We’re particularly proud of our free LSAT courses, as well as the assistance with and advising on the law school application process. Many of our law school graduates stay active in local affairs, and after graduation return to the local community to work for private law firms, federal agencies, the Public Defender’s Office, or non-profit organizations.  

Another common graduate school option for students are programs in public policy or public administration. The University of Washington’s Evans School of Public Policy and Governance is an excellent choice for many students. Some students pursue masters degrees in Criminal Justice, Social Work, or International Studies. And few students go on to PhD programs.  

PPPA faculty and our advisors are available to talk with students about their graduate school options. We also bring representatives of various graduate programs to campus to provide students with the information they need.

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