Lean Six Sigma Workshops

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We are excited to offer these intensive workshops designed especially for process improvement professionals and graduates of our Lean Six Sigma programs. Browse our current offerings below. To stay up-to-date on upcoming workshops and workshops in development, subscribe to our interest list here.

Value Stream Mapping

Value Stream Mapping is a team-based process improvement technique used to evaluate and document current processes and design and generate a plan for a desired future state. This in-depth course is designed for Lean Six Sigma coaches, managers and leaders seeking a more structured approach to transforming and improving processes in a wide range of businesses and organizations. Course fees: $ 799 + $10 registration fee. Materials included in course fee. In this course you’ll learn how to:

  • Develop a basic understanding of Lean Six Sigma principles and processes.
  • Identify and use standardized value stream mapping icons and metrics.
  • Construct a current state map.
  • Identify wasteful activities and other areas for improvement.
  • Build a future state map and develop an improvement plan.
  • Involve team members and leaders in implementation.

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Understanding Data: Applied Statistical Process Control

Course Description: Learn a simple and practical approach for gaining insight, understanding and knowledge from the study of process behavior. Analyze and interpret process variation to enhance, meaningful and sustained improvements process performance. Find ways to use data to close the organization’s performance gap between what it wants (Should Be State) and what it’s currently getting (As Is State). This is not a seminar on statistics and no major math calculations are required. All exercises and case studies will be completed using Excel templates.

Audience: Lean Six Sigma and performance management professionals who need to create, analyze and present complex data to support process improvement and decision making.

Course Outcomes:
Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Use data to measure and monitor the performance of key processes and systems.
  • Analyze and interpret administrative and service data to enhance decision-making.
  • Construct charts: collect, organize, and analyze the data using statistical methods –data and information.
  • Interpret the findings.

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