Request SAF Funds

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Any member of the campus community can request SAF funding per the UWT SAFC Bylaws.

The SAFC reviews funding three times each year, in the Autumn and Spring for Sepecial Allocations and annually during Autumn and Winter quarters for Annual Allocations. A detailed timeline is provided here: 2019-2020 SAFC Annual Timeline.

  • The Annual Budgeting Process begins in Winter quarter. This is the opportunity to seek funding to operate programs and services that serve UW Tacoma students. At the end of the Annual Budgeting Process, the Services Activities Fee Committee (SAFC) recommends to the chancellor which programs and services should receive SAF support during the next academic year. This is also when the SAFC makes recommendations for the amount of the SAF for the next academic year.

  • The 2020-2021 Annual Allocation request period is now closed. 

  • The Special Allocations Process takes place during Fall and Spring quarters. This is an opportunity for SAF programs and services to ask for additional funding to pay for emergency expenditures they could not have anticipated when submitting their annual budget request. It is also the time when students, faculty, and staff can seek funding for capital expenses.

  • The 2019-2020 Special Allocation Request period is now closed. 

Contact SAFC

To contact the SAFC, email or phone 253-692-5728.