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Stay informed with UW Novel coronavirus information resources

Schools of Education’s Position on Remote Instruction During COVID-19

The School of Education at UW Tacoma recognizes the significant impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on our community, nation, and world. This statement describes the endorsed school-wide efforts to best support current and prospective students during these difficult times. This statement will be revised and updated quarterly to reflect state-wide and university guidance on reopening our campus.

Remote instruction during COVID-19 impact Statement updated 05/25/2020

Community Resources

A. K-12 Schools and Learning Resources

View a statewide map created by the League of Education Voters of each of Washington State's school district's plans and resources for both basic needs and instructional plans. You also may learn more about community resources by county.

 Some guardians and parents are concerned about where to get started in terms of educating their children. Below are some community resources:

B. Speaking to Children about COVID-19

Experts agree that adults should be having candid and calm discussions with children and youth about COVID-19.

C. Staying Connected and Not Isolated in Times of Social Distancing

Across the board, experts are advising us to maintain consistent routines and schedules as we navigate the next several weeks, as well as to find ways to regularly connect with people in our social networks.

D. UWT Resources for Current Students from Academic Affairs

  • Student Advocacy and Support: assists students to set goals and find on campus and community supports to meet life challenges that create barriers to achieving their educational goals. 
  • Counseling and Psychological Services: provides free, short-term, problem-focused counseling, aimed at building better skills and exploring alternative ways of coping to currently enrolled UW Tacoma students.
  • Student Financial Aid: helps make education affordable through grants, loans, scholarships, work study, veterans’ benefits, childcare assistance, and emergency aid.