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Cover of textbook "Direct Instruction Mathematics"


From the Back Cover

This resource provides teachers with evidence-based teaching strategies for supplementing mathematics instruction for students from preschool through Grade 8, and for older students and adult learners who are struggling with basic skills. Included are procedures for evaluating and modifying currently available commercially developed math programs, plus systematic procedures for addressing both conceptual understanding and procedural fluency for topics represented by the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). The new edition includes an updated chapter on research, new content related to probability and data analysis, and video links to teaching demonstrations for many of the teaching formats (in the Enhanced Pearson eText). Direct Instruction Mathematics contains Instructional Sequence and Assessment Charts that can serve as the basis for designing diagnostic tests as well as for constructing goals and objectives.


Here is a link to our math facts worksheet.



Cover of textbook "Direct Instruction Reading"


From the Back Cover

Unique in its approach of leaving little to chance or guesswork, Direct Instruction Reading details how to teach, what to teach, why it is important to teach it, when to teach it, how long, how often, at what starting point in time, and to what criterion level of performance. The book is designed to give both novice teachers with limited or no teaching experience, as well as the expert teacher with extensive teaching experience the detailed guidance they need to be successful teaching any child who struggles with reading in the alphabetic writing system.