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Geosciences Research at UW Tacoma

Geosciences is the area of study involving our planet Earth and its many different geologic systems.  Geoscience research in our division covers topics ranging from investigations of oceanographic and geologic processes.  Our geoscience faculty are involved in studies examining parameters controlling occurrence of harmful algal blooms in the Pacific Northwest, quantifying distribution of microplastics in the environment as well as utilization of magnetic properties of minerals to identify contaminant sources and evidence of past climate change.  Our geoscience faculty are heavily involved in field studies and students working alongside them are highly trained in field work as well as various laboratory techniques.

Geosciences Faculty

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Cheryl Greengrove Photo
Cheryl Greengrove
Associate Professor

Julie Masura Photo
Julie Masura
Associate Teaching Professor
Peter Selkin Photo
Peter Selkin
Associate Professor