SAM Ticket System

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Gateway to Ticket Requests

To fill out a ticket, please click on the appropriate heading in purple:

(Initial response time from staff is located in parentheses for each SAM ticket)

IT Needs
  • IT ticket to borrow a Laptop Cart (need to give at least 1 week notice)


SAM Student/Staff Onboarding
  • Hiring (student or temp staff, paid positions) (2 days)
  • Onboarding New Student and Non-Student Researchers (non-paid positions) (2 days)
  • Removing a researcher from your lab (2 days)


  • Directory Update (2 days)
  • Divisional Funds Request (2 days)
  • Drive Access (S: or X: drive) (2 days)
  • Key or Keycard Request (2 days)
  • Request Faculty Advisor or Change Faculty Advisor (2 days)
  • Room Reservations (Conference Rooms, SCI 109, SCI 110A or B, Chem/Bio/Geo Lab, etc.) (2 days)
  • Social Media or Calendar Request (2 days)


Equipment & Lab Needs
  • Borrowing Equipment for Out of Class Use (Tablecloth, Banner, Brochures, etc.) (2 days)
  • Instrument Repair (2 days)
  • Instrument Reservation (including plotter, easels and laptops) (prior to 5pm=day of, or after 5pm=next business day)
  • Lab Feedback
  • Lab/Field/Demo Materials Request (2 days)
  • Software Inquiries
  • Supply Orders (orders and/or notification) (2 days)
  • Wishlist Item Request


SIAS Ticket System
  • Additional or Modified Course Space Request
  • Business Card Request
  • Copy Code or Printer Access Request
  • Course Evaluation Preferences
  • Facilities Services Request
  • Faculty Absence Notification
  • Faculty Review Submission
  • Purchase Request
  • Scholarship and Teaching Fund Application
  • Syllabi Submission
  • Travel Reimbursement & Pre-Travel Authorization
  • UW Seattle Parking Pass Request
  • UW Tacoma Parking Pass Request




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