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SAM Scholarships, Fellowships and Grants

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SIAS Scholarships

Job postings and additional student resources are available through the archived environmental program listserv threads (requires login).

SAM Scholarships

Mary Cline Memorial Undergraduate Research Award in Environmental Science

The purpose of this endowment shall be to provide support for undergraduate students in the University of Washington Tacoma Environmental Science, Environmental Studies or Environmental Sustainability majors and to honor the memory of the donor's mother, Mary Cline.

A Tacoma native, Mary Cline grew up in North Tacoma and graduated from Wilson High School, going on to earn a Bachelor of Science degree in medical technology from the University of Washington. Her love of nature and her strong environmental ethic were the inspiration that set her daughter Erica—now a microbiologist on the faculty of UW Tacoma—on the path to environmental science. Mary died in February 1994 after serving over eight years on the Highline School Board, where she dedicated herself to promoting access to education and was a strong advocate for rigorous science education.

The award is intended to support students completing their capstone research projects. Expenditures may include, but are not limited to lab supplies, international or domestic travel to perform research, international or domestic travel to present research results or stipends for students participating in these activities. The fund may be used for anything that directly supports a student recipient's research. Distributions may not be used for tuition, expenses related to classroom activities or international studies courses. Current mileage rates can be found through the UW Seattle Travel Office here.

Make a gift to the Mary Cline Memorial Undergraduate Research Award in Environmental Sciences and Environmental Sustainability.


  1. Travel expenses (including lodging, meals and conference fees) may not amount to more that $500.
  2. Student stipends may not amount to more that $250.
  3. Students must have a designated research sponsor from the faculty or staff at UW Tacoma. External sponsors must be approved in advance. Email Michelle Miller to request pre-approval.
  4. Funds may only be used while the student is actively enrolled as an undergraduate in one of the UW Environmental Sciences and Sustainability majors.
  5. Multiple awards of up to $750.00 may be awarded.
  6. A final report will be required at the end of the project work.

Application deadline is May 15th by midnight.

Click here to fill out and submit your Mary Cline Undergraduate Research Award Application by the May 15th deadline.

Tim Quandt Memorial Endowed Student Support Fund

The Tim Quandt Memorial Fund is provided by the parents of Tim Quandt who passed away during his college career before earning his degree. The fund was created in his honor by his parents to support undergraduate students enrolled in Environmental Sciences, Tim's area of study. The fund is for up to $2,000 for the academic year ($500 per quarter) and will be awarded based on merit and financial need. The chosen student will have the honor of meeting the donors.

Michael & Margaret Kalton Endowed Scholarship

The Michael and Margaret Kalton Scholarship has been created In honor of Michael Kalton's life work in education others. The scholarship will be awarded to an undergraduate student who has declared a major in Environmental Sciences or Environmental Studies based on merit and financial need. The scholarship is for up to $1,200 for the academic year ($300 per quarter).

UW Tacoma Scholarships

The University of Washington Tacoma offers a variety of scholarships for students. Some are based on merit; others require applicants to demonstrate evidence of financial need. For more information on scholarships, visit the UW Tacoma scholarship website.

  • Dolph S. Kleiner Memorial Scholarship (and other UW Tacoma scholarships)
    Students must complete a general scholarship application. Due dates vary, please check website for details.
  • Ernest F. Hollings Undergraduate Scholarship Program
    The Hollings Scholarship Program (through NOAA) provides successful undergraduate applicants with awards that include academic assistance (up to a maximum of $8,000 per year) for full-time study during the nine-month academic year; a 10-week, full-time internship position ($650/week) during the summer at a NOAA facility; and, if reappointed, academic assistance (up to a maximum of $8,000) for full-time study during a second nine-month academic year. Scholarship is limited to third-year students.
  • Mary Gates Undergraduate Research Scholarships
    The Mary Gates Endowment funds hundreds of University of Washington undergraduate students every year through Research, Leadership, Venture and Honors scholarships. These scholarships support students to engage in activities that enhance their undergraduate experience, encouraging student learning both in and outside the classroom.
  • SUM program (for TCC students)
    Tacoma Community College is offering Scholarships for Upward Mobility (SUM) to students interested in studying engineering, computer science, math, science or information technology. The SUM program has approximately $36,000 per academic quarter (fall, winter, spring) to give away in scholarships to TCC students. Scholarship amount ranges from under $300 per year to $10,000 per year, depending on Financial Need as determined by your FAFSA.
  • UW Tacoma International Programs
    UW Tacoma International Programs scholarships for  UW Tacoma students participating in study-abroad programs. Scholarships can be applied toward any UW study-abroad opportunity, but priority will be given to applicants participating in a UW Tacoma program.
  • Washington State Lake Protection Association
    Scholarships range from $750 - $1,000 to support undergraduate and graduate students in their pursuit of degrees specializing in the fields of Environmental Science.

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Fellowships, Grants and Other Resources

  • Office of Student Fellowships & Awards
  • AAAS Mass Media Science & Engineering
    The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Mass Media Science & Engineering Fellowship seeks to increase communication skills in student scientists. From grant writing to interaction with their community, today's young scientists must also be able science communicators. The lessons they learn through the Fellowship experience will benefit their career path and help them increase public understanding of science and technology.

    The Fellowship places senior undergraduate and graduate science, engineering and mathematics students at media sites nationwide to work as science reporters for ten weeks. Past sites include the Chicago Tribune, NPR and Scientific American. By exposing reporters and editors to the expertise of student scientists, while also training those same students in the nuances of journalism, the program can improve the quality of information that is disseminated. AAAS selects 15 - 20 Fellows each summer. There is a $4500 stipend plus travel expenses.
  • AWRA Fellowship
    The Washington State Chapter of the American Water Resources Association (AWRA) provides two $2000 fellowships to students pursuing degrees in water-related fields.
  • CENTC Undergraduate Summer Research Program
    Fellowships are available to undergraduates to conduct research at any of CENTC’s 12 locations during the summer of 2009. Programs are eight to 10 weeks long, depending on location, with flexible starting dates. Fellows will receive a stipend and compensation for travel and housing.
  • Department of Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences Summer Research
    Environmental and Occupational Health Science is an interdisciplinary field that uses the tools of science to solve human health problems related to the environment. If you want to use your science background to help people live healthier lives, this community-based research program is for you.  The Environmental Health Research Experience Program (EHREP) is a funded, nine week, summer experience for talented UW DEOHS undergraduates who express strong interest in environmental health science research at the local level and need to fulfill their internship requirement. In 2018, the program will select up to 4 students from a  pool of UW DEOHS applicants and pair each with a faculty advisor and a Washington State Environmental Health department to conduct research.  Research will be either qualitative or quantitative and will fulfill a need identified by the Program.


  • Make A Splash Grant Program
    The Make a Splash grant program invites groups and individuals to apply for up to $2,500 in funds for education or restoration projects that focus on preventing pollution and protecting or restoring clean water. Past projects have included field trips, science day camps, habitat restoration activities, hazardous waste collection, rain barrel installation and a variety of educational activities--even a puppet show and a coloring book. Please see the Make a Splash website for deadlines. If you have any questions or are interested in applying for this program, please contact Desiree Pooley at (253) 502-2126.
  • Make It Your Own Awards (Case Foundation)
    The Make It Your Own Awards™ are a direct response to research showing that many people feel disconnected from public leaders and institutions and don't believe they have the power to make a lasting difference in their community. Grants of $100-$35,100 are given to individuals.
  • Multicultural Initiative in the Marine Sciences: Undergraduate Participation
    The National Science Foundation-funded MIMSUP program is designed to increase diversity within the next generation of marine scientists. Participants receive intensive training in the marine sciences and in professional opportunities available to those who choose this career path. Applications are encouraged, in particular, from U.S. citizens belonging to groups currently underrepresented in the marine sciences (i.e., Native Americans, Alaskan Natives, African Americans, Latino/Hispanics and Pacific Islanders). Eight selected students spend two quarters at the Shannon Point Marine Center taking introductory and specialized courses in the marine sciences (31 quarter credit hours), attending seminars and workshops, exploring career opportunities and engaging in supervised research. They also attend a regional or national scientific meeting. After the program, students return to their home institutions to complete their undergraduate programs. Funding covers tuition and fees for two quarters, housing and more.
  • National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Minority Faculty and Student Intern Research Program (FSIRP)
    Opportunities to participate in research and development relating to science, math and engineering.
  • Research Apprenticeship Program
    Intensive, full-time research training experiences are offered to qualified undergraduates and post-baccalaureates in Spring and Autumn quarters. One to four teams of 5-12 students each work on one focused research problem guided by a group of faculty, postdoctoral and graduate student mentors. Students selected for participation receive financial support ($3000) to defray costs of tuition, room and board at FHL. Students will be registered for 15 credits. Students should consult with their advisor prior to registration.
  • UW Libraries Undergraduate Research Awards
    The University Libraries, in cooperation with the Undergraduate Research Program, sponsors the Library Research Award for Undergraduates competition, recognizing University of Washington students who produce significant inquiry requiring use of information resources, the library and its collections. All undergraduate students enrolled at the University of Washington are encouraged to submit research projects for the award competition.
  • Washington Sea Grant Fellowships
  • Washington State Opportunity Scholarship

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