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UWNetID loginReappointment Process for School of Engineering and Technology Assistant Professors

Review Procedure
The first term of appointment for an Assistant Professor is three years, and a reappointment recommendation is required in Spring Quarter of the second year. The faculty must recommend one of the following: (1) approval of a second term of appointment, (2) denial of reappointment, or (3) postponement of the reappointment decision for one year. The review committee evaluates documentation enumerated in section 2 below that concerns a demonstration of teaching and research ability that evidences promise of a successful career.


  • January 1 - Dean notifies the Assistant Professor(s) that they need to prepare for the reappointment process.
  • Propose committee members or request for postponement due on or before the first Monday of March.
  • Postponement response due on or before the second Monday of March. In the case of a postponement request, the faculty provide a response and the dean informs the VCAA and the candidate.
  • Review committee formed on or before the third Monday of March.
  • Evaluation materials due from candidate on or before the first Friday of April.
  • Committee recommendation to the dean due on or before the third Friday of April.
  • Higher ranked faculty vote on or before the first Friday of May.
  • Personnel recommendations due to VCAA, May 15th.
  • Reappointment decision to candidate, by final day of the academic year.

Academic Affair’s Office.

1. Department Establishes Review Committee
Each faculty member up for review is required to have a review committee.  The committee will be composed of at least three individuals, with appointments in the School of Engineering and Technology, and higher in rank to the faculty member being evaluated.  To assist with the formation of the review committee, the candidate provides the dean with a proposed list of names to serve on the review committee. 


Candidate Submits Letter Requesting Postponement 
If the candidate is in the second year of his/her first three year appointment, he/she has the option of requesting the review be postponed until the third year.  In this case, the candidate provides a letter requesting the postponement and submits it to the dean. The dean convenes the voting faculty to determine whether or not to grant the request.  If the faculty recommend postponement, the dean informs the VCAA and the candidate, and this procedure is applied in the third year; otherwise, the process continues as described in sections 2 - 6.

2. Candidate Submits Documentation for Evaluation
Suggested documentation for evaluation:
a) A narrative summary to include:
- Summary of the candidate’s scholarship of teaching, followed by all teaching evaluation sheets, peer reviews of teaching, syllabi, and any other materials the candidate deems relevant.
- Summary of the candidate’s research, followed by copies of publications, works accepted for publication but not yet published, copies of works in progress, conference presentations and abstracts, grants, awards, and any other materials the candidate deems relevant, such as external letters.
- Summary of the candidate’s academic and professional service, including a list of committees and the candidate’s role on those committees
b) Current curriculum vitae
c) Dean's annual review letters

Please cc: Zaide Chavez when you submit your documents to the dean - zaidec@uw.edu

3. Review Committee Submits Recommendation Decision to Dean
The Review Committee reviews the candidate's file and provides a written recommendation to the dean. There are three decisions that can be made:
a) Recommendation renewal of the appointment for a period that extends through the academic year in which a decision on promotion (and tenure) is required.
b) Recommend non-renewal of the appointment, with termination at the end of the third year.
c) Recommend postponement of the decision for one year. Normally grounds for postponement would be that the department would not yet have enough experience with the candidate to make an informed recommendation concerning renewal or non-renewal of their current appointment.  In such cases, mandatory promotion and tenure consideration in the sixth (or final) year still applies. After a postponement, the department must consider the appointment renewal again in the third year of the candidate's initial appointment. If, in the third year, a decision is made to terminate, the candidate's appointment is extended to a fourth and terminal year.

4. Faculty Higher in Rank to the Candidate Vote on Committee Recommendation
The voting faculty in the unit (higher in rank to the candidate) votes on the recommendation of the Review Committee.

5. Program Dean Conveys Faculty Recommendation (renewal, postponement, or non-renewal) in written letter to UW Tacoma Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.

UW Tacoma Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Conveys Decision to Candidate
Reappointment decisions are communicated in an official letter from the UWT VCAA office to an Assistant Professor before the end of the year in which the decision is mandatory.

This review procedure as approved by the voting faculty of the School of Engineering and Technology on February 14, 2014.