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Academic Human Resource Calendar 2018-2019

This calendar contains important deadlines having to do with:

  • Annual reports from faculty are due yearly on the last Friday on or before May 1st
  • Annual report from the Director due to the VCAA on July 15th
  • Applications for paid professional leave are due November 16th
  • Director's annual review of individual faculty members due June 30th
  • Faculty appointments
    • Full-time Lecturer renewals
      • Notification of renewal decision for all continuing Full-time Lecturers, Senior Lecturers, and Principal Lecturers that started the previous academic year-Due December 1st
      • Notification of renewal decision for all continuing Full-time Lecturers, and Senior Lecturers that started during the current academic year-Due March 2nd
    • Part-time Lecturer and ASE Student appointments
      • August 14th for Autumn Quarter
      • November 16th for Winter Quarter
      • February 15th for Spring Quarter
      • May 16th for Summer Quarter
  • Merit meeting and votes are due by the third week in May
  • Merit recommendations and votes are due to Academic Affairs on or before June 1st
  • Part-time Lecturer vote for teaching during the next academic year are due on or before the last week of May.
  • Reappointment of Assistant Professors due May 16th
  • Sabbatical reports due October 15th
  • Summer - The short-term voting guidelines are in the Faculty Code under Sections 24-52 and 24-53, “The voting faculty of an academic unit may, by majority vote, delegate authority to recommend the renewal of affiliate or clinical faculty, research associate, or annual or quarterly part-time lecturer appointments to an elected committee of its voting faculty.” This applies to new appointments as well. Council needs to be voted on and appointed for summer due by the end of May each year.
  • Tenure and promotion

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