Admission Requirements - BS Information Technology

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The Information Technology (IT) program educates students to analyze, design, integrate, and manage information systems using information technology.

The IT program admits qualified students for autumn quarter only. The application typically opens in late winter/early spring.

When planning your academic path, we encourage you to use our IT degree planning grid.

Admission to the major is capacity-constrained. Please review the following prerequisites and application process carefully.


To qualify for admission to IT, applicants must first be admitted to the University of Washington Tacoma and have completed the following required prerequisites: 

  • Precalculus (TMATH 115 & 116 or TMATH 120 at UW Tacoma; Precalculus I & II at most community colleges)
  • Introduction to Programming (TCSS 142)*

*UW Tacoma students can take either TCSS 141 - Programming for All or TCSS 142 - Introduction to Programming to satisfy the programming prerequisite for the IT major. TCSS 141 is offered at the UW Tacoma campus only. 

Required cumulative prerequisite GPA of at least 2.5, with a minimum grade of 2.0 in each individual prerequisite. Required minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 in all college coursework. 

Applicants are also expected to have a GPA of at least a 2.5 in all college math, science, computer science or engineering coursework. If you do not meet the GPA requirements, please contact a SET advisor to discuss your situation and options. 

Transfer students at WA State community colleges should use the UW Equivalency Guide to determine course equivalencies at their school. 

Please note: Admission to the IT program is capacity-constrained. Students who are admitted to the program typically have grades of 3.0 and higher in prerequisite courses as well as a strong cumulative grade point average.

Application Process

Complete the following steps to apply to the IT major:

  • If you are not currently a UWT student, apply for admission to UW Tacoma well before the IT program application deadline. 
  • Once admitted to UWT, submit the IT program application by the deadline stated on the website. You must be admitted to UWT and have a UW student ID number in order to submit your IT application. 
  • Contact a SET advisor or schedule an appointment if you have questions about the application process or your eligibility to apply. Students with previous baccalaureate degrees or extensive computing work experience should meet with an advisor to discuss options.

Selection Criteria

Applicants are evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Completion of all prerequisite courses.
  • Grades in prerequisite courses -- individually and cumulatively. The most competitive applicants will have at least a 3.0 in each prerequisite course.
  • Overall previous academic performance.
  • Two letters of recommendation (professional or academic).
  • Personal Statement.
  • Completion of at least 45 college-level credits.