Center for Brazilian Studies

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Welcome to the Center for Brazilian Studies

Since its creation in 2005, the Center for Brazilian Studies at the University of Washington has encouraged and supported interdisciplinary engagement and provided courses and seminars, invited visiting faculty and lecturers, developed exchange and research programs on topics including urban development, engineering, culture, oceanography, education, anthropology, linguistics, applied mathematics, forestry and much more. The possibilities for discovery and exchange are as large and diverse as the country itself.

About the Center for Brazilian Studies


The Mission of the Center for Brazilian Studies at the University of Washington is to advance understanding of Brazil within the Pacific Northwest, serve as a resource center on Brazil for the University of Washington as well as the broader community, and promote collaborative efforts with Brazil.

General Goals

  • Develop an interdisciplinary network of faculty, students, staff and community partners interested in Brazil;
  • Promote collaborative teaching and research across academic disciplines;
  • Promote reciprocal student, faculty, and staff exchanges;
  • Raise awareness of Brazil by promoting cultural and academic events on Brazil;
  • Facilitate the development of technological, scientific and commercial cooperation between the Northwest region and Brazil;
  • Serve as a resource and information center for the broader community.