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UW Tacoma Tentative Time Schedule

Looking to plan your schedule a head of time? Find your classes using the UW Tacoma tentative time schedule. Click the button to go to begin your search.

Technology Labs

SET maintains several computer and electronics laboratories for students and faculty to use in their academic pursuits, including instruction in software use, developing programs for coursework, graduate capstone projects and other directed research. Most labs are accessible with your key card 24/7 - all day, every day.

Lab locations:

- Dougan 110
- Science 106
- Science 108

For more information go to the Technology Labs website by clicking on the button to the right.

Study Rooms

- CP (Cherry Parkes) Breakout Rooms
- MDS Breakout Rooms
- JOY Breakout Rooms
- BHS (Birmingham Hay and Seed) Student Lounge
- Dougan (DOU)
- PNK (Pinkerton)
- SCI (Science Building)
- Library (SNO & TLB)
- West Coast Grocery (WCG)
- WPH (William Phillip Hall)


Some of these rooms are open rooms, which means you do not need to reserve them, but others need to be reserved. To reserve a room and see pictures/locations of the rooms go to the Scout Website by clicking on the button on the right.