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University of Washington Tacoma Course Approval Process

Application and Change Types

  • Creating new courses
  • Changing existing courses
  • Changing prerequisites (no application needed only program vote result)
  • Changing existing undergraduate programs (1503 Form)

In order to expedite the APCC review process:

1) All new courses must have a syllabus and we need to make sure that they are checked for equivalency with UW Seattle and UW Bothell.

2) Similarly with new program proposals (Form 1503), please complete the section about the impact on other units with similar content.  This is about communication across campus, so that units with similar program content are aware of each other, whether or not there is any direct overlap or collaboration.

Approval Process Steps

Department Level
2. The program committee members review and vote on the new course, course changes, or program changes.

UW Tacoma APCC Committee
1. The APCC Committee reviews the applications monthly.

Please visit the UW Tacoma APCC website for more information

UW Seattle Curriculum Committee
1. After the UWT APCC Committee approves the application, the curriculum office in Seattle reviews and approves applications.

For more information please visit the UW Curriculum Office

Kuali is the new online system for submitting new course applications, course change applications, and pre-requisite changes.

1503 Program Change Application
1503 Program Change Application CSS program

Presentation from our meeting on 11/17/2017