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Strategic goals

  1. Teaching/Research: To develop and enhance teaching and research
  2. Student Enrollment/Retention: To expand and diversify student enrollment and strengthen retention
  3. Identity: To establish a clear and recognizable local, state, national, and international identity
  4. Program Improvement: To continuously assess, improve and evolve our program offerings
  5. Community Outreach: To extend our reach and increase collaborative support within the community


Specific goals


Breadth of quality programs

Create a polytechnic School of Engineering & Technology, serving both the South Puget Sound and the state of Washington, providing nationally competitive academic education.  SET will prepare students to become leading technology professionals by enhancing their abilities in critical thinking and creativity, and instilling life long learning as an essential part of their maintaining and improving professional competence. Graduates will be prepared to support and drive the growth of the Washington technology industry.  SET will enhance its efforts to provide broad access coupled with a high retention rate. The result will be an abundant number of highly qualified technology bachelor's and master's level graduates. SET will also provide high quality technology related courses for students in other academic programs, and for a broad range of practicing professionals.

Professional currency

Provide appealing education opportunities for practicing high-tech professionals designed to maintain their currency and competitiveness, to enhance career paths and mobility, and to provide opportunities to pursue more advanced educational degrees and credentials. SET will provide a spectrum of options - enrollment in a formal master's degree program, access as non-matriculated students individual concentration courses, and enrollment in continuing education courses offered in collaboration with SET through the Professional Development Center.

Industry/Community Partnerships

Create partnerships with Washington industry and the South Sound community to provide an environment of challenging and rewarding experiences and opportunities for students, and of technology transfer and economic development derived from on faculty and collaborative research. Practicing professionals will join the faculty as part time lecturers to teach targeted concentration courses, and to bring unique expertise, experience, and professional practicing perspective to the program. A board of advisers, composed of both professional and community leaders, will create a forum for collaboration, discussion and focus on issues.

Student retention

Develop programs and support structures to promote the highest levels of student retention. Academic evaluation of incoming students will ensure that students initial programs are adapted to best serve their individual needs. An emphasis will be placed upon creating opportunities for students to become effective members appropriate learning cohorts. SET will place a particular emphasis on creating and maintaining environments conducive to the success of women and underrepresented groups.

Access for women and minorities

Strive to significantly increase the number of Washington women and minority students who are interested in, prepared to enter, capable of completing its bachelor's and master's programs, and prepared to participate and lead the evolution of the high-tech industry.

Pipeline of well-prepared students

Collaborate with the K-12 system and the community and technical colleges encouraging the content and attractiveness of appropriate preparatory courses and programs, especially in foundations of mathematics and science. SET message will be that a broad academic program, including strength in mathematics, science, and critical thinking, is the best foundation for pursuing any of tomorrow's careers.  SET will collaborate with industry and the community in attempting to create public awareness of critical needs in educational preparation.

Community and technical college partnerships

Enhance its collaborative efforts with community and technical colleges to help students appreciate the opportunities that may exist for them in high technology careers. SET will collaborate with community and technical colleges to explore ways in which the present two plus two model can better serve student needs in preparation and transfer. Emphasis will be on the associate of science and associate of arts as the appropriate preparatory degrees. However, it will also continue to develop and refine innovative articulation agreements that offer alternative preparations for, and broad opportunities for, access to SET.