Graduate Research

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Faculty research

At the Institute of Technology our faculty hold a diverse body of expertise in a variety of topics relevent to computing research, to industry, and to the experience of our students.

Graduate student research

The Computer Science and Systems graduate program provides both a thesis and capstone project experience as options within its curriculum. A capstone experience is a valuable parts of advanced work in computer science. The MSCSS program provides a supportive environment for students who want to take advantage of this opportunity. Faculty have innovative research programs in which students may find challenging and rewarding subjects for a capstone experience.

Graduate students can choose to complete a master's thesis or capstone project.

Master's thesis

If you are interested in theory and research and are considering continuing on to a Ph.D. program, you are encouraged to choose this option. A thesis investigates an important research question and provides an in-depth background to the problem being addressed. It also points to approaches to solving the problem. A thesis is excellent preparation for pursuit of a doctorate degree. You are required to present your results in a public colloquium.

Capstone project

With the help of a faculty adviser, you define, develop and implement a real-world project. When projects involve significant research, you are encouraged to write a publishable paper covering your work. You are required to present your results in a public colloquium.

You can review some of the graduate student research already completed in the MSCSS program.