Greetings from the Dean

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Dr. Raj Katti

Welcome from the University of Washington Tacoma’s School of Engineering and Technology (SET).

Here at SET, our small class sizes (35 students on average), a diverse student body and a world-class faculty result in a learning environment built for and geared toward student success. SET’s emphasis on high student expectations leads to greater experiences inside the classroom through innovative and interesting class projects, collaborative learning environments and industry sponsored senior design projects. Outside the classroom your education is energized through industry internships, student led professional organizations, hackathons, cyber-defense competitions, and research.

SET students find employment in both large and small/startup companies such as Infoblox, Microsoft, Boeing, Google, Amazon, Avanade, and the Naval Undersea Warfare Center. Many SET grads (undergraduate and graduate) pursue graduate education in universities such as the University of Minnesota, Georgia Tech, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, Virginia Tech, and Oregon State University.

Our mission at SET is to provide the highest quality computing, engineering, science, and technology education for a diverse population, while engaging in research and innovation that benefits the community by fostering social mobility and economic development. The school offers Bachelor of Science degrees in Computer Science and Systems, Computer Engineering and Systems, Electrical Engineering (EE), and Information Technology, Mechanical Engineeringas well as a Bachelor of Arts degree in Computer Science and Systems. Our programs are either accredited or going up for accreditation by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology, Inc. (ABET). Accreditation by ABET reflects the strong commitment of our faculty, local businesses and individuals to providing a high-quality learning experience for our students at UW Tacoma. SET also offers a Master of Science degree in Computer Science and Systems, and the Master of Cybersecurity and Leadership (in collaboration with the Milgard School of Business). Beginning in the Fall of 2020, SET now also offers a PhD in Computer Science and Systemsand a Graduate Certificate in Software Development Engineering for anyone with a bachelor degree looks to make a career change to Software Development.

SET students have the opportunity to conduct research on cool projects such as finding methods to detect hate speech against women in tweets, using sensory data in smart cities, preserving privacy in machine learning, creating serverless computing environments, making bioinformatics research reproducible, locating fire-fighters inside a building on fire, and designing circuits for low altitude UAV operations. Our outstanding faculty conduct research in cutting edge areas such as machine learning, cloud computing, Internet of Things (IoT), bioinformatics, geographic information systems, high-frequency circuit design, control systems/robotics, cryptography, intelligent computing, and wireless sensors. Faculty research is partially funded by federal agencies like NSF, NIH, NIST, and NSA and companies such as Infoblox and Microsoft.

It is an exciting academic year ahead with new undergraduate programs in Civil Engineering; graduate programs in Information Technology, and Electrical and Computer Engineering under devlopment; a new building underway of design and funding; and many more opportunities for us to be a transformational experience in our students’ lives and the community that we serve.

It is no wonder then that the School of Engineering and Technology at the University of Washington Tacoma has become the destination of choice for so many students.

Ready. SET. Go.

Dr. Raj Katti
Dean, School of Engineering & Technology