Mailroom/Shipping Information

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The Institute mailroom is located in the Cherry Parkes building
Room number: CP 221

The mail/copy/printing center delivers the mail to SET twice daily. Once, in the mornings and once in the afternoons. The mail is delivered and picked up at the administrative suite, CP 133.   The student assistants distribute the mail to the mailboxes in the mailroom on a daily basis.

If you need to send something out:

1) If it's personal and has a stamp, you can drop it in the plastic basket. The mail delivery person will take outgoing mail.
2) If it's personal and you need to have it stamped, you can take it to the mail/copy/printing center and they can stamp it for you. You'll have to pay them yourself.
3) If it's university business related, just let a staff member know, before you place it in the plastic basket.