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Graduate Funding Information Service (GFIS)

GFIS works with current and admitted UW graduate students, helping them identify and locate funding opportunities for graduate school-related expenses including tuition, research, conference and research travel.

List of Fellowships

The following is a compilation of popular funding opportunities, many of which are administered by the UW Graduate School. Please note that this is not an exhaustive list, and we highly encourage you to conduct a broader search based on your academic discipline and research interests.

UW Grad School, Conference Travel Awards

There has been widespread cancellation of conferences due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and there is a strong likelihood that cancellations will continue.  The Graduate School will therefore not offer Conference Travel Awards at this time.  When normal conference activity resumes, we will resume offering Conference Travel Awards.  When we resume accepting requests, we will be flexible on due dates and specify a timeframe for considering requests for retroactive awards.

UW Tacoma, Conference and Training Fund (CTF)

The purpose of the Conference and Training Fund (CTF) is to provide funding to send UW Tacoma students to conferences/trainings, bring in trainings/educational sessions to campus, and offer other opportunities to currently enrolled students. A post-conference report is required for submission to the committee within 2 weeks after the conclusion of the conference/training. Be sure to take photos of your participation to share in your post-conference report! In order to be considered for funding, proposals to the Conference and Training Fund must be received at least six (6) weeks in advance of the upcoming conference.

MCL, Conference Travel Awards

Conference Travel: Students can apply for travel funds if they are presenting a peer-reviewed conference paper. They fill out a travel pre-authorization form ( and has a MCL teaching faculty submit it to Director of Operations in the School of Engineering and Technology, Joel Larson ( Each student is eligible for up to $1500. Airfare, hotel, and conference fee, only. No food, transportation, or per diem.

MCL, WiCys Conference Travel Award

Students selected by WiCys for a scholarship to attend the annual Women in Cybersecurity conference can be reimbursed for airfare by the MCL program. They fill out a travel pre-authorization form ( and submit it to Director of Operations in the School of Engineering and Technology, Joel Larson ( The 2021 WiCys conference will be March 24-27 in Aurora, CO.