SET Fall Colloquium 2020

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Due to our current situation & health officials advising social distancing, we are doing a virtual colloquium this quarter.

The end of the quarter colloquium for the School of Engineering and Technology allows for students to showcase the results of their internships, directed readings and research in the field of  Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Information Technology.    

AUTUMN QUARTER PRESENTATIONS                                                                                                                                                            

Student Name(s) Faculty Advisor Project Title & Abstract Video Presentation
Jacob Sonnen Dr. Bryan Goda Re-PC 
Yuri Cho Dr. Jim West SHK Group
William Pardi Dr. Jim West HumanID internship
Matthew Teel Andrew Fry Web Development Intern | NAMATAD
Jennifer Nguyen & Mark Schteiden Dr. Jim West Internship - Foundations of Human Computer Interaction
Bob Schmitz Monika Sobolewska Cloud-Based Software Development for Cancer
Shaun Marquardt Dr. Bryan Goda RDA Hippa Risk Assessment
Abdullah Mirreh Dr. Jim West Slalom Internship

Hung Nguyen

Dr. Jim West Integrating Information Technology with the Banking Industry
Juliann Craven Ankur Suri Safeguards Game App

Click here to watch Summer Quarter's Virtual Colloquium