SET Summer Colloquium 2020

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Due to our current situation & health officials advising social distancing, we are doing a virtual colloquium this quarter.

The end of the quarter colloquium for the School of Engineering and Technology allows for students to showcase the results of their internships, directed readings and research in the field of  Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Information Technology.


Student Name(s) Faculty Advisor Project Title & Abstract Video Presentation
Will VanderFeltz Dr. Yan Bai School of Engineering and Technology Labs Internship
Jake Clarke Deveeshree Nayak Rebecca Parson For Congress Data Team
Tammy Trinh Deveeshree Nayak Providence St Joseph Health - Security Intern
Ben Newland and Addison Hartford Dr. Bryan Goda Skookum Contract Services
Ryan Buchanan Dr. Bryan Goda Division of Social Health Services (DSHS) internship

Andrew Peterson

Dr. Bryan Goda AWS Solutions Architect - Certification Training
Christian Yoyongco Dr. Bryan Goda Engineering Operations Intern at T-Mobile
Shahzoda Staroverov  Jenny (Jie) Sheng Storing noise testing data into database
Kornsavanh Tony Sisa-at Dr. Jim West Internship at Dash Point Social & Improvement Club
David Mader Dr. Jim West T-Mobile internship

Joy Okot-Okidi

Dr. Jim West Azure Active Directory Migration and Implementation
Kevin Hernon Andrew Fry IT Intern | Westrock
Ashlyn Weeks Monika Sobolewska ESRK Manager
Anh Tran Monika Sobolewska Royalty Terms Validation/Scanner
Kennedy Ganda Monika Sobolewska Cloud Data Migration Automation
Nicola Daoud Monika Sobolewska Software Development Engineer Intern
Zixuan Hu Monika Sobolewska  
Zachary Swinnerton Dr. Massimiliano Laddomada Raytheon Technologies Internship

Click here to watch Spring Quarter's Virtual Colloquium