SET Winter Colloquium 2021

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Due to our current situation & health officials advising social distancing, we are doing a virtual colloquium this quarter.

The end of the quarter colloquium for the School of Engineering and Technology allows for students to showcase the results of their internships, directed readings and research in the field of  Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Information Technology.    

Student Name(s) Faculty Advisor Project Title & Abstract Video Presentation
Jack Lin Monika Sobolewska Digital Biology World Internship
Danny Abuassi Deveeshree Nayak How COVID-19 has affected Student Performance

Benjamin Wheat

D.C. Grant Microsoft TEALS
Mark Schteiden Ankur Suri The Effects of Covid-19 on Mental Health

Reyna Bueno

Ankur Suri Barrier Reef Aquariums Web Development
Egor Maksimenka Dr. Juhua Hu EMG Finger Motion Detection, Feature Engineering and Deep Learning
Seoungdeok Jeon Dr. 

Ka Yee Yeung

Application of Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning to Radiology Reports
Matthew Teel Andrew Fry

Security+ | Preparation

Annaliza Ridao Dr. Jim West Biene Solutions Technology internship
William Pardi Dr. Jim West HumanID Internship
Shahzoda Staroverova Dr. Jenny Sheng Storing noise testing data into database (cont.)

Harjit Dhillon

Dr. Yan Bai & D.C. Grant GenCyber
Hussein Aljanabi D.C. Grant Network Replacement & Installation
Joseph Dayonot Dr. Yan Bai GenCyber Tacoma Internship
Addison Hartford Dr. Bryan Goda

Costco Infosec Internship

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