Technology Labs

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The School of Engineering & Technology maintains several computer and electronics laboratories for students and faculty to use in their academic pursuits, including instruction in software use, developing programs for coursework, graduate capstone projects and other directed research.

Most labs are open 24/7 — all day, every day.

Information stored in designated areas such as the user's home directory is designed to be accessible locally — within the labs — as well as remotely (e.g., from the student's home computer). It is backed up regularly to provide data integrity and availability.

General Development Labs

The computer workstations in these labs are designed to be uniform in functionality. These workstations support the core curriculum and some of the coursework of the electives. In addition to basic internet and office software, the workstations include software that is related to coursework, such as compilers, editors, remote access mechanisms, graphics programs, math programs and database access clients. These labs are:

  • Dougan 110
  • Science 106
  • Science 108

Teaching and Research Labs

Most of these labs are focused on specific areas of computing, such as embedded computing systems or applied distributed computing. These labs are meant for both instructional demonstrations, capstone projects and other specialized faculty research and teaching needs. Each specialized lab has a faculty lab manager who functions as the contact person and primary person responsible for that lab. These labs are:

  • CES Extension (CESX) — Cherry Parkes 206I
  • Embedded Computing Systems (ECS) — Cherry Parkes 206D
  • Information Assurance and Networking (IAN) — Cherry Parkes 206H
  • CES Projects (CEP) — Science 113