Travel Procedures

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Travel Authorization and Reimbursement Policies

  • The first step is to complete the Authorization to travel form, sign it, and email it to the Dean and Joel Larson for approval.
  • After you are approved you book your travel using your own personal funds
  • Once your trip is complete submit all receipts to Joel Larson for reimbursement
    • Receipts that are typically submitted are airfare, transportation, lodging, parking, etc. Receipts for food purchases do not need to be submitted.
  • Your reimbursement will be submitted into our travel expense system and you will receive an email alerting you to approve your expenditures. Once you approve your travel expenses you will be reimbursed via direct deposit in 1 - 2 business days.
  • Remember that your reimbursement cannot exceed the total amount that is on your travel pre-authorization form
  • For mileage reimbursements please submit a Mapquest or Google Map turn by turn directions with your request.

Additional Travel Resources to help you plan your trip