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Getting started
Welcome to the School of Engineering & Technology!

This only applies to international visiting appointments. For more information please visit the International Scholars page for titles and requirements:

Resources for Int'l Scholars

Please note that students are not sponsored through the International Scholars program.
You will need to provide the following information in order to get an appointment as a Visiting Scholar or Visiting Scientist at the School of Engineering & Technology at the University of Washington Tacoma campus.

Step #1 Documents needed to process visiting appointments:

* CV and activity/research proposal
* Complete part #1 of the
J-1 Visa Intake Form
* Provide funding information and documentation – Please visit this site for types of funding accepted by the university:
* English language proficiency documentation - The Department of State (DOS) has issued revised J exchange visitor regulations; that include a new requirement that sponsors use and document one of the following “objective measurements” of English language proficiency for incoming J-1 exchange visitors:
Items accepted:
- A recognized English language test
- Signed documentation from an academic institution or English language school
- A documented interview conducted by the sponsor either in-person or by videoconferencing, or by telephone if videoconferencing is not a viable option.
See the Federal Register final version of the new rule (
22 CFR § 62.10(a)(2)) for more information. Each sponsoring unit must retain evidence of proficiency (using one or more of the above measures) along with documentation of funding, to be made available in the event of an audit.
* Health insurance requirement - You and your J-2 dependents are required by U.S. federal law to have sickness and accident insurance, including coverage for medical evacuation and repatriation of remains, in effect for the duration of your exchange visitor program. A willful failure to carry insurance is an extremely serious violation of law and will result in immediate termination of your J-1 status.
J1 Insurance Requirements
* J1 culture exchange requirement - Written proof to be provided by sponsoring faculty member.
Faculty sponsor responsibility
Faculty sponsoring a J1 Visiting Scholar, please review and comply with the J1 Culture Exchange Requirement. Please visit this link for more information.

J1 Culture Exchange Requirement
* Mailing address - Include the mailing address of where you want your DS-2019 form to be mailed to and also a phone number where you can be reached at for delivery.
Send the complete package with the items above along with your Visa Intake Form and send them to

For Visiting Professor, Visiting Associate Professor, Visiting Assistant Professor, Visiting Lecturer, and Visiting Scientist appointments also include:
*Personal Data Form -
*3 letters of recommendation

Step #2 Using the Intake Form from the visitor, enter the information into the UW J1 Request Form.
****Ask for arrival date and departure date, because that's not on the Intake Form****

Step #3 When you get confirmation from ISO and have the completed package, the appointment letter can be e-mailed/mailed to the visitor.
* The signed appointment letter needs to be returned to with the visitor's signature.

Step #4 Completed package is sent to Academic HR at UW Tacoma, in order to get the Chancellor's or Vice Chancellor's signature. Box 358430
After it's signed, the package is returned to Zaide Chavez and we send it out to the ISO office. These appointments are non salary appointments, but they need a netid and employee number to access the UW Tacoma network and have an official appointment.

Step #5 Package is sent to the International Scholar's Office in Seattle.
International Scholar Operations
239 Gerberding Hall
Box 351245
(206) 685-8847

Step #6 DS-2019 Form
When the DS-2019 form arrives in our department from ISO, it is mailed via UPS to the visitor at the address provided. If for any reason the arrival date changes, let ISO know at and a new DS-2019 form will be generated.

Step #7 Onboarding - Before the visitor arrives complete the New Employee Checklist to get keys, netid, etc.
* Remind scholar that they need to check in with UW Tacoma Int'l Services

Once you arrive

Please visit the International Scholars Operations Website for important information on what you need to do when you get here.

Please note that the department will need to make a copy of your completed DS-2019 form with all the appropriate signatures, and your signed Legal Insurance Requirements form. Please make an appointment with the Academic Administrator to get you started