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A to Z list of questions and contacts for answers

Academic HR




Zaide Chavez


Access Keycards and Physical Keys

Students contact: Stephen Rondeau (lab access)
Staff contact: Joel Larson
Faculty contact: Zaide Chavez


Undergraduate: Beth Jeffrey, David Ross, Megan Reardon
Graduate MSCSS and MCL: Curtis Black

Advisory Board

Andrew FryAlice Dixon

Annual Reviews (Faculty)






Raj Katti
Zaide Chavez-(a Onedrive folder will be created for you to submit your documents)

Zaide Chavez (scheduling meetings)

Annual Reports Page

DESK COPIES (for textbooks already adopted for a course) or
REVIEW/EVALUATION COPIES (for consideration of adopting)

Alice Dixon

Faculty need to contact the publisher and request a hardcopy or electronic copy.  If the publisher does not provide copies for faculty, then send the ISBN number, publisher, and edition to Alice and we’ll try to find an affordable copy online.

Book Orders (University Book Store) This is for required or optional books that students purchase at the bookstore.

Textbooks (faculty order the books for their courses) If you have questions, contact Zaide Chavez





Bus Passes (U-Pass)

Getting to Campus

Business Cards

Alice Dixon

Car Rentals for class trips, not for personal use or guests.



Gabi Crosby




Classroom Requests for your course ONLY and Changes.



Marife Llavore




Classrooms Media


Call 253-692-4419 or email Media Services at tacmedia@uw.edu to check out a podium key and arrange for a brief orientation

Committee Membership


Zaide Chavez

Committee Page

Committee Meetings
Undergraduate Programs (Room scheduling, and minutes)



Computer Science
Marife Llavore

Computer and Electrical Engineering and Master of Cybersecurity and Leadership
Alice Dixon

Information Technology
Gabi Crosby

Committee Meetings
Graduate Program
(Room scheduling, and minutes)

Curtis Black



Computer and Printing Support

Email: tachelp@uw.edu or visit IT help desk

Conference Reimbursements (With approved travel form on file)

Gabi Crosby


Copy Codes

Alice Dixon

Course Evaluations

Marife Llavore

Course Proposals

Zaide Chavez

Course Scheduling




Zaide Chavez and Marife Llavore (entering and updating the schedule and making room change requests)

Information Technology: Dr. Bryan Goda
Computer Science: Dr. Donald Chinn
Computer and Electrical Engineering: Dr. Max Laddomada
Master of Cybersecurity and Leadership: Dr. Yan Bai

Curriculum Changes


Zaide Chavez

Curriculum Page

Directory Updates

You can make your own or you can ask Alice Dixon

Entry Codes

Undergraduate 497/498/499 Forms: Marife Llavore
Graduate: Curtis Black

Event Scheduling

Non-Academic – Logistics and Rooms

Joel Larson, Alice Dixon

Faculty Searches

Gabi Crosby

Fax (questions/assistance)

Alice Dixon

Fellows Program

Josh TenenbergAndrew Fry

Final Exam Schedule

Consult the Registrar's Exam Schedule

Food Forms


Alice Dixon (Department Events CTC, Advisory Board)

Grade (submission/changes)


Online: https://apps.registrar.washington.edu/grade-change/pages/change.php

Grant Proposals




Andrew Fry, Marife Llavore

Leave (Staff/Faculty): vacation, family, sick leave

Joel Larson (staff that report to Joel)
Zaide Chavez (staff that report to Zaide)
Faculty, please complete the leave request forms and return them to Zaide or Raj for approval.

Library Reserves

Faculty Reserves Information


Alice Dixon and Student workers

Mailman lists - Graduate Students

Curtis Black

Mailman lists - Undergraduate Students

Marife Llavore

Media requests for courses being taught (to check out materials)

Library Media Collection website



Media Outreach (Facebook, website, etc.)

Alice Dixon










Alice Dixon


Non-travel related payments (faculty and students). No travel authorization form required.

Approval by Joel and Raj only.

Mentors (student employees)

Monika Sobolewska

Facilitators (student employees)

Donald Chinn, Charles Bryan

MSL Summer Program

Amanda Figueroa

NetID Support

UW Net ID website

Office Hours (Faculty)

Zaide Chavez

Office Supplies






Alice Dixon

If you can't find what you need in CP 221, go to the Office Depot website and send Alice a link of the item(s) that you need


Parking (UW Tacoma quarterly permits)

Parking website

Parking (lot passes for UW Tacoma and UW Seattle)



Alice Dixon
The parking passes for UWT are for events that we sponsor and only for guest speakers or special guests, not for all attendees. UWS passes are for trainings and meetings that faculty or staff must attend.

Payroll – Faculty (issues/questions)

Danelle PetersenZaide Chavez

Promotion and Tenure

Raj KattiZaide Chavez


Gabi Crosby (conference payments, misc. supplies), Joel Larson (Labs)



Recruiting undergraduate programs: Megan Reardon

Recruiting graduate MSCSS and MCL: Curtis Black


Gabi Crosby

Reappointments/3rd Year Reviews

Raj KattiZaide Chavez


Room Requests





Alice Dixon


Simple meetings-Student research groups, faculty meeting with students, special meetings as needed. Not related to your courses.


Space Planning

Joel Larson

Sabbatical (Leave)

Raj KattiZaide Chavez


Zaide Chavez

Student Academic Issues

SET Advisors

Student Employees (Mentors, Graders, Facilitators, UG Teaching Assistants, Student Assistants)

Zaide Chavez

If you're planning to hire a student employee, please visit the Student Employee Resource Page and send them the link:

Hiring Procedures for Student Workers

Telephone (questions/assistance)

Joel Larson, All administrative staff

Telephone Instructions and Procedures

Time Sheets




Student Assistants - CP 133: Joel Larson
Staff that report to Joel: Joel Larson

Student Employees (graders, mentors, facilitators, UG TA's): Faculty  Supervisor, backup Zaide Chavez

Travel (questions and approval forms)

Gabi Crosby

UPE Student Honor Society

Alan Fowler

Visas (H1B, J1) Visiting Scholars

Zaide Chavez


Joel Larson, SET Program Staff and Alice Dixon