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Drop ins for spring quarter 2018

Drop in advising will be available to non science students at the beginning of spring quarter.

Karin Dalesky will be holding drop ins on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, March 26th through March 28th, from 9-1 and 2-5. See Karin in her office, WCG 406. She'll also have drop ins from 3-5 on Thursday, March 29th. 

All other SIAS advisors will be meeting with students by appointment. 



Old Prefix New prefix Name
THISP 238 TLAX 238 Latinos in the United States
THISP 250 TLAX 250 Imagines of Latinos/as in the Movies
THISP 267 TLAX 267 Introduction to Chicano/a Literature
THISP 277 TLAX 277 Latin American Literature
THISP 323 TLAX 323 The Making of Mexico
THISP 325 TLAX 325 Mexico: Problems and Perspectives
THISP 355 TLAX 355 Migration and the Transnational Family in Latino Literature and Film
THISP 376 TLAX 376 Latin American Film
THISP 377 TFILM 377 Spanish Film
THISP 378 TLAX 378 The Magical Land: A Cultural Exploration
THISP 390 TLAX 390 Preparation for Study Abroad
THISP 400 TLAX 400 Afro-Hispanic Culture
THISP 410 TLAX 410 Caribbean Basin: Selected Topics
THISP 441 TLAX 441 Mexican Cinema and Society
THISP 461 TLAX 461 Contemporary Mexican Culture
THISP 462 TLAX 462 Women in Latin America
THISP 463 TLAX 463 Contemporary Cuban Culture
THISP 464 TLAX 464 The Arts, Cultures, and History of Mexico
THISP 465 TLAX 465 Latin American Visual Arts
THISP 476 TLAX 476 Latin American Women Writers
THISP 490 TIAS 493 Contemporary Spanish Culture
THISP 491 TLAX 491 Society and Culture in Cuba