T LAW: How this new prefix affects you

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New for Autumn 2016: Introducing the T LAW prefix!

As part of the redesign of the Law and Policy major, many TPOL S courses are now T LAW courses. Click through below for the T LAW FAQs and to compare course prefixes.


Q: Why did the prefixes change?
A: The Law and Policy (TLAWPL) major will change for Autumn 2016. As part of this change, course prefixes changed to more accurately describe the classes.

Q: Where can I learn about the new Law and Policy (TLAWPL) major requirements?
A: See the new major requirements on the Law and Policy (TLAWPL) major page.

Q: Can I switch from the old Law and Policy (TLAWPL) major to the new version?
A: Yes. See your advisor to discuss whether changing to the new requirements is beneficial to you.

Q: Why don't the T LAW classes show up on my DARS as fulfilling a requirement for my major?
A: T LAW classes may not update in DARS properly, especially if they were formerly TPOL S classes. DARS will most likely be updated to reflect the changes during Autumn quarter. In the meantime, students will need to contact their advisor for help.

Q: Will the classes I've already taken change from TPOL S to T LAW on my transcript?
A: No, they won't change. You'll see  the new prefix and course numbers from Autumn 2016 onward.

Old Course Prefix/Numbers v. New T LAW
Old Course prefix/number Course Name New Course Prefix/number
TPOL S 150 Introduction to the American Legal System T LAW 150
TPOL S 328 Introduction to International Organizations T LAW 215
TPOL S 320 American Constitutional Law: Institutional Powers and Constraints T LAW 320
TEST 339 Washington Environmental Law T LAW 339
TPOL S 348 Gender and Law T LAW 348
TPOL S 361 American Constitutional Law: Rights and Liberties T LAW 361
TPOL S 363 Law in Society T LAW 363
TPOL S 367 Comparative Law and Courts T LAW 367
TPOL S 422 International Humanitarian Law T LAW 422
TPOL S 423 International Law T LAW 423

TPOL S 368

The Politics and Law of International Human Rights T LAW 424
TPOL S 438 Environmental Law T LAW 438
TPOL S 452 Minorities and the Law T LAW 452
TPOL S 465 Law and Public Policy in the United States T LAW 465
TPOL S 486 Field Work in Law and Policy T LAW 486