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General Degree Option

The General Degree Option is a sustained investigation of factors that critically shape actions, procedures and outcomes. These factors provide foundations for knowledge and action in the public sphere. This degree option is well-suited for entry into or advancement in community relations, public agency management, community organizing, facilitation, consumer advocacy, policy and/or decision-making, political action and governmental relations.

General Degree Option Student Learning Objectives

Upon completion of the Master's degree in Interdisciplinary Studies, students pursuing the General Option will be able to:

  • Recognize how evidence can be justified, generated, evaluated and used with varying degrees of validity within diverse frames of applicability;
  • Explain the ways in which values are implicitly or explicitly present in every arena socially deemed to be problematic;
  • Get experience facilitating communication, negotiations or trade-offs among and across diverse value frames;
  • Demonstrate how alternative paradigms or models condition our knowledge of the world and how our choice of potential responses connects to how we perceive things to be organized;
  • Evaluate the impact of culture and history on the way certain phenomena come to be defined in the public arena as problems, and how they are variously imagined to be caused or solved in relation to diverse professional and disciplinary claims of ownership over them.

General Degree Option Requirements

The following are the minimum requirements for students completing the General Option of the MAIS program:

Core Requirements

Methods Requirements

Thesis/Degree Project Requirements


  • Courses supporting student research projects or theses (10 credits)

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