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Electives in your area of emphasis are generally selected from among SIAS graduate courses or the graduate courses of other UW Tacoma programs. In addition, several independent study options can be used to fulfill MA elective requirements. Please contact the graduate program advisor with questions.

Choosing 400-level course options

Graduate students may choose up to 10 credits of 400-level courses taught by any member of the UW Tacoma graduate faculty to satisfy graduate electives requirements. Your faculty advisor, along with your academic advisor, should be consulted regarding the relevance of elective credits to your course of study.

Choosing a topic outside the curriculum

You may also choose to draw up a contract with a graduate faculty member for study outside of current curriculum offerings. Through internships, directed readings, directed research or the thesis, you can focus your activities on specific areas of interest related to your overall educational goals. For more detailed information, contact either your faculty advisor or the graduate program advisor. If you are preparing for work on your thesis, be sure to read the thesis guidelines.

Registering for independent study or thesis/project credits

  1. Email the graduate program advisor for the appropriate form to download and complete to draw up a contract with the faculty member you've selected.
  2. For independent study forms, attach a syllabus for the course you are planning to take.
  3. Enter the appropriate course SLN as found in the registration guide for the quarter/year you intend to register for these credits. The SLN tells the registrar whether you are taking the course for a grade or for credit/no credit, so be sure to select the appropriate SLN.
  4. Have the selected faculty member sign the form.
  5. Sign the form yourself.
  6. Make three (3) copies of the signed form.
  7. Submit the form electronically or bring one signed copy to the MAIS graduate program advisor no later than the 2nd Wednesday of the quarter. Keep a copy for yourself and your faculty advisor.
    Please allow two working days to receive the entry code.
  8. Completion of the form does not mean you are automatically enrolled. Use the entry code to register before the tenth day of the quarter.

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