MAIS Project Guidelines

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Timeline for your final quarter:

Weeks Items pertaining to MAIS in Tacoma Items pertaining to Digital Commons
Weeks 1-9 Complete Request for Degree/WARRANT online.

Make an appointment with the graduate program advisor, to receive hard copy of Request for Degree/WARRANT for signatures.
Week 5 Submit final draft of Project (complete with Rationale) to your Project Committee by end of business Friday of week five (5). N/A
Weeks 8-10
(Week 8 for Summer quarter only)
Project available to you by Monday of week eight (8). Make any required changes and resubmit to Project Committee along with the Request for Degree/WARRANT for signatures. N/A
Finals Week
(or last week of Summer quarter)
Project should be made available to you from your committee by Monday at the latest. Submit original signed copy of Request for Degree/WARRANT and any supporting materials to the graduate program advisor, by 5:00 p.m. on Thursday of the final week of the term. Submit the Project electronically, to Digital Commons.

No later than 5:00 p.m. Friday of the last day of the quarter (finals week).

Note: Supplemental videos and photos are encouraged to provide visual context to your project. There is a checkbox to submit those as part of your Project (outside of the main document) on Digital Commons.

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