Faculty Update: Kim Davenport Works With Wikipedia, Increases Student Engagement

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"Sharing Wikipedia's own awareness of its systemic bias with my students helped me frame the issue. I could make it relevant both for my course content, and for students' understanding."

Lecturer Kim Davenport was recently featured as a guest contributor on the Wiki Ed Foundation's blog. Her post discusses the difference between her prior classes and the Wikipedia engaged class. 

Learn more about Davenport's classroom success in her article "Teaching (and diversifying) classical music through Wikipedia," Wiki Edu, February 3, 2016.

Davenport will be speaking at the University of Puget Sound on February 8, 2016. There she will discuss her recent book, "Tacoma's Theater District," published September 2015.

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Meridith Hatch / February 3, 2016
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To learn more about working with Wikipedia in the classroom, visit the Wiki Ed Foundation website wikiedu.org.

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