SIAS Lecturer Ellen Moore's UW Carbon Challenge Speaker, Efforts in News Tribune

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"I think if more people were like Lauren Singer, it would help," Moore continued. "I think eventually Lauren Singer's way is going to become more normal."

The UW Tacoma Sustainability Campaign and Carbon Challenge signature event--a talk by zero-waste advocate Lauren Singer--caught the attention of News Tribune Matt Driscoll in his blog post,"Matt Driscoll: Visitor brings 'zero-waste' lifestyle to Tacoma", published in the News Tribune Nov. 7, 2015. (paywall)

Ellen Moore--lecturer for the School of IAS Culture, Arts and Communications (CAC) division--was inspired to take the challenge beyond her classroom this year, taking the Carbon Challenge campus-wide.

The talk was part of the Green Seed grant-funded "UW Carbon Challenge", where faculty and students from all three UW campuses compete to lose carbon weight.

Students participated in the challenge by measuring garbage compared to recycling on-campus.

Watch Lauren Singer's Zero Waste--UW Carbon Challenge talk on video.

Learn more about event sponsor Ellen Moore, Ph.D. here.

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Written by: 
Meridith Hatch / November 16, 2015