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The SIAS Associate Dean for Student Support and Success' responsiblity is to manage and resolve escalated student complaints, review and standardize processes and policies regarding student complaints, create opportunities for student feedback, represent SIAS in discussions with Disability Support Services and the Student Conduct Office and act as the liaison to the Vice Chancellor for Student and Enrollment Services. On this page, you will find information for reporting a concern, resources provided by the University of Washington, links to the Student Code of Conduct and other valuable information.

For assistance please contact

Process for students to report concern with grades, majors, or faculty and staff

If you are a student needing to report a concern about sexual harassment or discrimination please contact University of Washington’s Title IX website.

Process for faculty to report concern with student behavior or academics

If you are a faculty member needing to report a concern about sexual harassment or discrimination please contact Human Resources at (253) 692-5864.

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Complaint Type Examples Faculty should... Then... Report to... Office Responsible
Behavioral/Academic concern not defined in the Student Code of Conduct Tardiness, missing class, poor performance on assignments or tests, time management, or lack of participation Notify Academic Alert-Erica Tucker

Notify SIAS Assoc. Dean of Student Affairs


Academic Advising Center

Other possible resources:

Disability Support Services

Student Health Services

Student Counseling Services

Academic Misconduct (defined by the Student Code of Conduct) Cheating or plagiarizing Notify student to tell him/her what you learned. Assign the student a grade. May give a zero on the assignment/test but cannot give a zero in the class.  May also give an incomplete then assign grade after the academic hearing

Office of Student Misconduct- gather your evidence and fill out incident reporting form.

Notify SIAS Associate Dean

UWT Office of Student Misconduct

UW Student Code of Conduct
Behavioral Misconduct (defined in the Student Code of Conduct) Student disruption in class or interrupting learning of others Meet with the student outside of the classroom if possible.  If behavior needs to stop immediately do so in the classroom.  If student behavior doesn’t stop you may ask them to leave.

SIAS Assoc. Dean of Student Affairs (should be done as soon as possible in the process)

Office of Student Misconduct

Complaints of Sexual Harassment Any report about sexual harassment, misconduct, or inappropriate sexual interactions between students & faculty Report concern to appropriate Office N/A Human Resources, Ombud Office, or Amanda Paye

Human Resources (253-692-5864)

Office of the Ombud (253-692-4476)

Risk Management Office, Title IX Coordinator (206-221-7932)
Threatening Behavior Conduct Any situation where you feel threatened or others in the area feel threatened by an individual or group of people. Call *911 or Campus Safety (253) 692-4888 Make sure to keep self and others safe from harm SIAS Assoc. Dean of Student Affairs Safety and Security Office- Safe Campus

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