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Individually-designed concentration

This concentration is an option for students who wish to create a customized program of study to earn a BA in Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences by combining selected courses from a range of possibilities within the School of IAS and--potentially--from other undergraduate programs at UW Tacoma.

Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences

The Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences major provides broad exposure to key areas of knowledge within the arts and sciences, while stressing their interconnectedness. This degree is based on core courses in history, environmental science, literature/arts, social science and an introduction to Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences and allows students to maximize the potential of interdisciplinary studies while gaining the skills they need to be successful in a rapidly changing society and world.


Psychology is the scientific study of the psychological, biological and contextual determinants of human behavior. The Psychology major at UW Tacoma is shaped by the concept that psychology is a liberal art as well as a rigorous social science.

Our psychology program curriculum is designed for students who plan to work as professional psychologists and thus need a sound preparation for graduate study. Our program is also for students who plan a career in any field dealing primarily with people, such as nursing, teaching, social work, guidance and human resources, or for those who simply desire a well-rounded education and thus need a basic knowledge and understanding of human experience and behavior.

A BA in psychology prepares students to pursue careers in human services, community service, mental health and social services, psychology, nonprofits, business and human resources. Many of our students choose to continue their education in advanced studies in psychology, counseling and social work.

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