EGLS Solidarity Statement

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Dear UW Tacoma students and community members,

With so much pain and suffering from police brutality and institutionalized racism that is evident locally, regionally, and nationwide, we stand in solidarity with those who denounce racism and violence. We believe in embracing equity, non-violence, and the advancement of anti-racist and inclusive policies that are necessary for reforms to ensure equal protection under the law.
In order for the University of Washington Tacoma to live up to its mission of diversity, equity and inclusion, we, as a campus community, must acknowledge the unjust suffering of black and brown bodies. We recognize that much work must be done in order to accomplish the changes that are so urgently needed and our important role to play in that change as passionate educators. It is imperative that we move beyond performative activism. Empty words do not lead to equality or justice. 
We grieve for the erased bodies and unspoken names, and vow to take the following actions to create a more inclusive environment on campus and in our communities: 
• Create a classroom climate that allows the experiences of black and brown students to be heard, centered, and respected;
• Build community partnerships that bring diverse voices to campus and allow both students and faculty to effect positive change in the Tacoma area;
• Use our positions to advocate for structural change to address systemic racism both locally and nationally;
• Provide support and a safe space for students, faculty, and staff who may be struggling with racial trauma.
We look forward to taking on this much-needed work in the years ahead and will make it our goal to improve the experiences of our diverse body of students, faculty, and staff on campus and in our society as a whole. 
In solidarity,
Your Ethnic, Gender and Labor Studies Faculty