CWTAP Quotes from Alumni

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What do prior students have to say about CWTAP?

CWTAP was an excellent experience for me. Not only did I learn about social work and child welfare, I developed a sense of community and closeness with my cohort that I still treasure. It was helpful to learn from instructors who had done the work previously because they really understood the ins and outs of the system. Their ongoing support as I transitioned from student to employee (at Children’s) was priceless. If anyone is considering a career in child welfare, I’d encourage then to apply. It only makes sense! –Amber Salzer, MSW, CWTAP Graduate

I came from being a busy stay-at-home mom to a confident social worker all because of the CWTAP program and the leaders in this program. I’m so grateful for the time and effort people put into the program. Thank you so much! – Summer Bock, MSW, CWTAP Graduate

The whole concept of hands on training is great! I could not imagine doing this job without having had that opportunity. It felt great to already know what I was doing in some aspects once I was hired, since I had done it already as a CWTAP student. – Samantha Patton, MSW, CWTAP Graduate

I personally think that the CWTAP is an awesome program for individuals who have passion about child welfare. It provides opportunities for one to build relationships with CA social workers and other helping professionals. It also helps with understanding the whole flow of cases from the beginning to the end, while one can have as much hands-on experience as needed. Determination and independence are the keys to get the best out of the CWTAP. -Della Agbavon, MSW, CWTAP Graduate

What CWTAP provided for me was the foundation I didn’t know I needed to be prepared for and ready to handle what child welfare work throws at you. The program, and specifically its staff, blends hope, commitment, and excitement for working with families in crisis, while also sharing the reality of what it takes to be a dedicated child welfare worker that can stick it out no matter what. I did not know I would come to love child welfare work when I started, but CWTAP set me up for success in ways I cannot describe. Now having been a supervisor for several years, I can absolutely tell the difference between a CWTAP trained worker and a non-CWTAP worker. It’s not that both can’t do the work, it’s just a different pedestal you get to stand on because of the experience and training you have gained. Like anything, you get out of it what you put into it, and child welfare is not for everyone, but for those who take every advantage of the opportunity that CWTAP is will hopefully never regret it. Welcome to the team! – Lindsey Canley, MSW, CWTAP Graduate

CWTAP prepared me to understand that the organizational culture is dynamic, with “change as the constant”.  As I came into a new career, it has also been while a new agency – DCYF - is underway.  CWTAP seminars and field practicum helped prepare me to have conversations about bureaucratic change while reminding those around me, whether veteran SW or new to this work, that our focus is always child safety whilst striving to be fluid professionals.  - Rachel. E. York, MSW, CWTAP Graduate

CWTAP seminars taught the why behind what we do and gave us the opportunity to unpack that. Why do we assess for safety and what's behind that, why we need to understand and pay attention to disproportionality, why we spend time really hearing and valuing what families have to say, why we absolutely must apply critical thinking... I could go on and on.

This creates a completely different kind of depth in those who have the opportunity to experience it and grow in it.  Also - I want to give kudos to our CWTAP team who have put together not only the curriculum and experiences that have led to the depth and quality of social workers who are going out and changing the landscape of public child welfare, but also with the passion and integrity with which they have taught. I say this not only as an alum, but supervisors and leadership (DCYF) is noticing!  - Nancy Kuhuski, MSW, CWTAP Graduate