BASW Independent Study

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Independent study elective courses offer students the opportunity to work one-on-one with faculty in an area of shared scholarship. Employers and graduate schools like to see this experience in your college education because it develops your initiative, responsibility and creativity.

Students must adhere to the Independent Study Guidelines and Instructions when submitting a contract plan for approval. The student is responsible for approaching faculty with an idea for independent study.

Required Forms

NOTE: Forms must be typed!

Types of Independent Study

  • TSOCWF 409 - Readings in Social Welfare
    Student originated, individually contracted projects on topics of interest in social welfare/social work not covered by other Social Work and Criminal Justice Program offerings.
  • TSOCWF 490 - Research in Social Welfare
    Individual work with faculty member to assist with current research project(s). Students trained and supervised in some or all of the following research tasks: literature review, data analysis, record-keeping, interviewing, report writing, data entry and coding, data collection, and other tasks commonly found in research problems in social welfare.