Criminal Justice Internship

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What is the Criminal Justice Internship course?

The Criminal Justice Internship course (T CRIM 498) is aimed at providing students with an opportunity to learn through experience while receiving academic credit. The course is restricted to students who are Criminal Justice majors with senior status. A description of further prerequisites are articulated on the TCRIM 498 Application Summary and Checklist.


  • Criminal Justice major
  • Senior status
  • All interns must have a recommendation form completed by a professor or lecturer from the School of Social Work and Criminal Justice (Social Work or Criminal Justice faculty).
  • All interns must complete an internship contract and provide an unofficial UW Tacoma transcript reflecting a 2.5 overall grade point average (GPA).
  • All interns must have completed T CRIM 371: Helping Skills in Criminal Justice with a minimum 2.0 final grade.
  • All interns must have completed at least one of the following courses with a minimum of a 2.0 final grade:
    • T CRIM 370: Police and Society
    • T CRIM 372: Adult Corrections
    • T CRIM 360: Youth and Juvenile Justice Systems
    • T CRIM 395: American Criminal Courts

Required documents

Available internships

Watch this space for additonal internship opportunities as they develop.

Pierce County District Court (Treatment Courts and Court Resource Center)

The mission of Pierce County District Court is to promote respect for law, society and individual rights; provide open, accessible and effective forums for dispute resolution; resolve legal matters in a just, efficient and timely manner and assure the dignified and fair treatment of all parties. The intern will work with Treatment Courts and the Pierce County District Court Resource Center.

Review the internship description.

Pierce County Juvenile Court, (Remann Hall)

The Pierce County Juvenile Court has exclusive jurisdiction over those juveniles within Pierce County who violate the criminal laws of this state or who are in need of protection and/or advocacy as a result of abuse, neglect or abandonment. The Juvenile Department provides probation, court, detention, and adoption services. Students have several internship opportunities, including Probation Case Aide, Community Accountability Board (CAB) member, and Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) Case Aide.

Review the internship description.

Pierce County Prosecutor Attorney's Office

The Pierce County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office is comprised of a Criminal, Civil, and Family Support Divisions. The Criminal Division reviews more than 22,800 criminal cases every year. The Civil Division provides legal advice to county officials and represents the county’s interests in court. The Family Support Division protects the best interests of children. Interns work directly with attorneys on criminal cases, be exposed to court proceedings, and work on various projects as assigned, including clerical work. 

Review the internship description.


TacomaProBono facilitates access to staff and volunteer attorney advice and representation, as well as self-help materials and general legal information, for low-income individuals who have civil legal needs in Pierce County, Washington. Interns work with clients and volunteer attorneys and paralegals to provide a variety of services.

Review the internship description.

Internship agencies

Relevant internships might include the following areas:

  • Federal, state or local police agency
  • Pre-trial, probation, parole
  • Adult or juvenile corrections
  • State or federal court
  • Criminal or immigration law
  • Juvenile justice
  • Appropriate private security
  • Non-profit  agencies which provide support to victims; witnesses; and the accused
  • Other relevant entities that provide support to the criminal justice system such as emergency management organizations, forensic laboratories, medical examiner’s offices, etc.

When to apply

T CRIM 498 is limited to 20 students, so it is imperative that you apply as early as possible.  You can apply in Winter Quarter, and need not wait until registration begins for Spring Quarter.  All applications must be complete and submitted three weeks prior to the first day of the quarter.

How to apply

  1. Secure an internship. There are two ways:
    • The student can secure their internship individually. Internships secured in this manner must be approved by the department. To do this, you should provide details to Dr. Barb Toews via email at
    • The student will receive internship opportunities via email from the School of Social Work and Criminal Justice. These are pre-approved and the student will follow the application directions as detailed by the agencies.
  2. Obtain a Criminal Justice Faculty Recommendation. This form is titled CJ INTERNSHIP RECOMMENDATION.
    • Upon completion, referee should email a pdf of the recommendation to Dr. Toews at
  3. Both the student and agency should complete their portions of the CJ INTERNSHIP CONTRACT.
    • Submit the CJ Internship Contract, along with unofficial UWT transcripts, as attachments in an email to
  4. Enroll in the course during the Registration Period.
    • An add code will be provided after all material has been submitted and reviewed.

Resume Assistance for Internship Positions

All students have a need for an updated resume and Career Development is here to assist! You can make an appointment with Career Development to help create and update your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile. To schedule an appointment, please call 253-692-4421, email, or visit