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The Mobilizing Men for Violence Prevention International Survey

Welcome to the information page about our most recent project: an online, international survey of men who have attended events related to gender-based violence prevention, or who are engaged in violence prevention work in an on-going way. This survey is available in English, French and Spanish. The survey was available online through May 2014. We are currently in the process of analyzing findings.

The goals of the survey are to:

  • Learn more about what brings men to violence prevention events and longer- term violence prevention work
  • Hear what men think about these events and how they are impacted by attending
  • Learn what might encourage more men to get involved in ending violence against women
  • Learn how men become involved in an on-going way to end gender-based violence

Although the survey is closed, we can still offer it as an evaluation tool for prevention practitioners. If you are hosting or organizing a gender-based violence prevention event for men, and would like to gather information about participants’ perceptions of how the event impacted them, please feel free to CONTACT US for more information about using the survey as an evaluation tool.

Some of the things we ask about in this survey include:

  • What kinds of prevention events are happening around the world and how men hear about them
  • What kinds of topics and activities are incorporated into prevention events
  • Men’s perceptions of whether the events impacted their beliefs about violence, or motivated them to take some kind of action related to preventing gender-based violence
  • Reasons that men initiated involvement in some kind of gender-based violence prevention event or in on-going work
  • Men’s attitudes towards gender-equity
  • Men’s behavior, intentions and self-confidence related to taking various actions to end gender-based violence
  • Men’s ideas about the most effective ways to get other men involved in preventing violence.

We welcome your questions about the survey! To get more information, please CONTACT US.