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The Criminal Justice major is a 65-credit program comprised of core courses (45 credits) in five content areas: administration of justice, corrections, criminological theory, law adjudication, and research and theoretical methods. Criminal Justice core electives (20 credits) are drawn from multiple disciplines. Through the core courses and electives, students will be able to augment their interest in specific aspects of criminal justice.

Please consult the Degree Audit Reporting System (DARS) frequently to track your progress and deficiencies while you complete graduation requirements.

The degree plan below illustrates when required core courses and core electives are offered throughout the academic year:

All courses above are 5 credits. This plan includes ONLY core courses and core electives that have been developed in an online format. To qualify for graduation, students must complete a minimum of 180 credits.

► Students admitted before Autumn 2019

Core Courses (45 credits)

Online Criminal Justice majors are required to complete the following core courses with a minimum 2.0 grade.

NOTE: Please refer to the course grid above to see when each course is offered.

  • T CRIM 225: Diversity and Social Justice in Criminology (5) 
  • T CRIM 361: Mental Health, Substance Use and the Criminal Justice System (5)
  • T CRIM 362: Criminological Theory [W] (5) 
  • TSOCWF 390: Introduction to Social Welfare Research (5) *
  • T CRIM 370: Police and Society (5)
  • T CRIM 371: Helping Skills in the Criminal Justice System (5)
    prerequisite T CRIM 225
  • T CRIM 372: Adult Corrections (5)
  • T CRIM 395: American Criminal Courts (5)
  • T CRIM 441: Senior Seminar: Professionalism and Ethical Issues in Criminal Justice [W] (5)
    prerequisites T CRIM 371 and TSOCWF 390

* Successful (C or 2.0 or higher) completion of a course in statistics within the last five years is a prerequisite for TSOCWF 390.

Core electives (20 credits)

Criminal Justice majors must complete each core elective with a 2.0 or higher grade. Contact the Advisor and Academic Specialist for assistance regarding quarterly course selections.

General electives (varies)

The courses you take to meet the requirements for your degree will not always total the 180 credits you need to graduate. The additional credits you need to bring your total to 180 are called "general electives." Students may choose from a variety of disciplines outside their major to fulfill general electives. Contact the Advisor and Academic Specialist for assistance regarding quarterly course selections.

NOTE: The Time Schedule Quick Search is a helpful tool to locate online courses in the time schedule. (In the 'Location' field, select 'Online' from the drop-down menu.)

Graduation requirements

University requirements

  • Complete a minimum of 180 credits, at least 45 of which are taken in residence at UW Tacoma.
  • Complete 45 of your last 60 credits as a matriculated student in residence at UW Tacoma. To seek an exception to this requirement, you should contact the program advisor, who will submit the request to the Admissions, Academic Standards and Graduation Committee. If an exception is granted, you still must present a minimum of 45 credits in residence as a matriculated student to be awarded a UW degree.
  • Remove any admission deficiencies.
  • Complete all University admission requirements and Criminal Justice prerequisites.
  • Have at least a 2.0 cumulative UW Tacoma GPA at graduation.
  • Apply for graduation with your program advisor by the application deadline.

Criminal Justice requirements

In addition to fulfilling all university requirements, Criminal Justice prerequisites, and Criminal Justice major requirements by the time of graduation, a student must also:

  • Earn a minimum 2.0 grade or higher in each Criminal Justice major requirement.
  • Complete at least 45 upper-division credits (300- and 400-level).
  • Earn a 2.0 grade or higher in English composition.

Program petition for course substitution

Criminal Justice majors are eligible to submit course substitution petitions for review. You must supply documentation as outlined on the Program Petition for Course Substitution along with the signed form. Please allow a minimum of 7 -10 days for review. Decision notifications will be sent to your UW email address. Only college-level transferable courses are eligible for course substitutions (vocational-technical course work is not eligible).