2018 SIF Allocations

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Subsequent to the initial cycle of SIF funding in 2017, the Strategic Plan Coordinating Committee (SPCC) allocated Strategic Initiative Funds (SIF 2.0) to 10 projects for the calendar year of 2019. These initiatives (SIFs) began January 2019. Each SIF directly supports the strategic priorities/Impact Goals outlined in Charting Our Course: UW Tacoma’s Strategic Plan 2016-2021.  Click on the name of each SIF to read a brief description of the initiative. While these initiatives were funded at lower financial levels (below $10,000), their impact on our campus and our students is significant.

Tacoma South-Sound Mini Maker Faire

Jennifer Quinn, Professor, SIAS

Tacoma-South Sound Mini Maker Faire is about catalyzing our community through maker education and expanding PreK-20 STEAM pathways into opportunities that benefit the social, cultural, and economic well-being of the region. Hosted on the University of Washington Tacoma campus on May 11, 2019, this community-wide initiative brings together more than 11 core community partners.

We Are UW Tacoma

Margaret Lundberg, Instructional Consultant, TLC / Writing Center

Nicole Blair, Senior Lecturer, SIAS

Designed to collect, curate, and share the stories of students, staff, and faculty across our campus, this initiative seeks to encourage student persistence and success, to define and shape our common culture, and to acknowledge and honor the diversity of the UW Tacoma community.

Building Infrastructure for Open Educational Resources

Marisa Petrich, Instructional Design Librarian

Serin Anderson, Collections and Budget Librarian

This project takes steps toward improving textbook affordability for UW Tacoma students by encouraging the use of Open Educational Resources. Participating faculty will receive stipends to join a workshop series focused on finding, using, and adapting OER for UW Tacoma classes and creating a community of interested stakeholders on campus.

Youth Engagement and Safety Training

Amanda Figueroa, Director Student Transition Programs

UW Tacoma stakeholders and external partners will collaborate to enhance access to resources that support safe and positive interactions with diverse youth. Trainings and resources will be piloted in Autumn 2019, and student participants will receive financial support for youth-focused outreach.

UW Tacoma Podcast

Eric Wilson-Edge, Content Specialist, Marketing & Creative Services

UW Tacoma is a unique institution and our goal is to tell the story of this university and its people. In keeping with UW Tacoma's commitment to access, this podcast will be hosted by a student. In this way the show will serve as both a source of information and teaching tool.

Unlocking UW Tacoma Scholarly Work

Justin Wadland, Associate Director and Head, Digital Scholarship

This project promotes community and global engagement with faculty research by significantly expanding the number of open access articles that UW Tacoma faculty currently share through UW Tacoma Digital Commons and other repositories.

Husky Post-Prison Pipeline Summit & Collaborative Planning

Christopher Beasley, Assistant Professor, SIAS

Chris Beasley and Sarah Wilkinson are hosting a UWT Husky Post-Prison Pipeline summit. This two-day summit will include a day of listening to guests from pathways programs and community partners as well as a day of planning with UWT administrators.

Building Collaborative Community through Mathematics Festival

Duong (Rita) Than, Lecturer, SIAS

A group of mathematics faculty in the School of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences is hosting a Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival on UW Tacoma campus on April 27, 2019. The mission of this event is to inspire and invite K8 -12 students from Tacoma Public Schools to explore the richness and the beauty of mathematics through activities that encourage collaborative and creative problem-solving.

Staff Professional Development Scholarships

Elizabeth Hansen, Professional Development Chair, Staff Association

The Staff Professional Development Scholarship SIF will support training and learning by providing scholarships to assist with the cost of various professional development opportunities.

Student Employee Appreciation Week 

Richard Wilkinson, AVC Organizational Effectiveness

UWT employees over 400 students in jobs across campus. They contribute invaluable services with gusto while gaining practical skills and experience. During Student Employee Appreciation Week we’ll recognize and celebrate our student workforce with a series of lunches and awards.