Equity Data Working Group (EDWG)

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UW Tacoma Community:

The Equity Data Working Group would like to request your participation in a survey to gather feedback on draft indicators, metrics, and operational definitions that support the goals of Charting Our Course, the UW Tacoma Strategic Plan. The intent is to help UW Tacoma develop metrics and indicators that support accountability for its goal to be “grounded in social justice and embrace the assets of our diverse communities.”  The responses to this anonymous survey will be used to create final recommendations for the Assistant Chancellor for Strategy and Assessment by June 2018.


To participate in this important survey by March 31, please go to: 2018 Data to Support the Strategic Plan Equity Goal

Thank you for your valuable time and help,

The Equity Data Working Group


Scope & Purpose

  • Provide expertise about campus and national trends related to equity in higher education
  • Provide expertise about data available at UW Tacoma
  • Provide expertise about best practices in reporting data
  • Engage nondominant stakeholders in providing input to how equity data are reported
  • Finalize definitions for equity indicators
  • Make recommendations for equity dashboard indicators
  • Lay the foundation for best practices for collecting and reporting equity data

Meeting Documents

February 9 & 12, 2018

January 30, 2018

January 5, 2018

December 5, 2017

November 21, 2017


Amanda Figueroa
Director, Student Transition Programs (co-chair)

Ruth Ward
Administrative Coordinator
Faculty Assembly (co-chair)


  1. Kennaro Samrith, Senior, Business (Milgard)
  2. Nhat Truong, Sophomore, Premajor
  3. Christian De Leon, Junior, Culture, Arts, Communication
  4. Hannah Wilson, Access Services Manager, Library
  5. Shaquita Humphries, Director, Center for Equity & Inclusion
  6. Karl Smith, Associate Vice Chancellor, Enrollment Services
  7. Kathleen Farrell, Associate Vice Chancellor, Student Affairs
  8. Mentha Hynes-Wilson, Vice Chancellor, Student & Enrollment Services
  9. Deirdre Raynor, Director of the Office of Undergraduate Education, Interim Assistant Chancellor for Equity
  10. Anthony Falit-Baiamonte, Faculty, Urban Studies
  11. John Burkhardt, Associate Director for Communications
  12. Alice Few, Institutional Analyst
  13. Bonnie Becker, Assistant Chancellor for Assessment & Strategy
  14. Marcie Lazzari, Professor Emerita, Social Work & Criminal Justice
  15. Amanda Figueroa, Director, Student Transition Programs (co-chair)
  16. Ruth Ward, Administrative Coordinator, Faculty Assembly (co-chair)